Why Choose Bolton Driving Lessons 


Before deciding which driving instructor or which driving school in Bolton you will choose for your driving lessons, here is a little information about me and my business that hopefully will help you with your decision.

I'm a fully independent driving instructor, I own my driving school and my driving lessons in Bolton provide me with my only income!


As it's my own business and I teach in a very competitive market, I have to ensure that I have ongoing work and a constant supply of new pupil’s. So I make sure that I always teach to a high standard. I want my pupils to be able to tear up their L Plates in the shortest possible time. 


I undertake regular training myself to make sure that my teaching is the best it can be. I’m honest with my pupils and I offer true value for money driving lessons.

My pupils are not made sit at the side of the road just talking for most of their lessons.


When booking with me, you are not paying just for the name on the side of my car. You are paying for me, and you know that it will be me that will be teaching you. I love what I do and this shows in my teaching. My pupils get full value for money during their driving lessons. They learn quickly and enjoy themselves in the process.

I'm committed to providing high quality driving lessons in Bolton.

I regularly undertake CPD training to assist me to do so. Each driving lesson will be individualized for the person learning to drive, whether they are an adult, a teenager, or a senior citizen.

Of course there are a lot of driving instructors in Bolton who are all looking for your business.

They all offer different things. But at the end of the day what's important, is what you are looking for? Is it just low cost driving lessons, or a driving school that will teach you to drive properly, quickly, and safely. Ensuring that you have the skills to pass your driving test the 1st time you take it.


Choosing the right instructor can make the difference between test success and test failure. So choose carefully! 


When deciding which one to choose, personal recommendations from friends are family are a good start. But remember that just just because a driving instructor suited a friend or family member, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be right for you.


If you are thinking of having driving lessons with me, please feel free to give me a call and have a chat.


This will help you get a feeling about whether we will get on together, and whether I am the right driving instructor for you.

Additionally I’m more than happy for you to just book one lesson with me to start with, this gives you the opportunity to meet up with me, experience my teaching and then decide if I'm the right instructor for you.

All of my driving lessons in Bolton are offered at a price that is fair and affordable.


Please note, I don't claim to offer cheap driving lessons in Bolton. I do however provide quality driving instruction that offers real value for your money. 


I don't struggle to get clients, most come from recommendations.


That's because I provide real value for money driving lessons, and I get  my pupils to test standard quickly. 


Please check my pupil references for further assurance of this. Fewer high quality driving lessons in Bolton will cost you less in the long run than many cheap ones. 

Looks can be deceiving. Driving lessons, driving instructors and driving schools in Bolton are not all the same.


I know it can be difficult to choose a driving school, because admittedly at first glance we might all look the same. But not all driving instructors have the same qualifications, personality, experience, and manner of teaching.


I am more than happy for you just to try one driving lesson with me to see whether I am the right instructor for you.


I will even give you your money back if you feel I have not provided you with a high quality lesson. 


Trying to find the cheapest driving instructor in Bolton, or trying to pass your test with too few lessons isn’t likely to save you money in the long run.


Without proper instruction, it could take many tries before you successfully pass your driving test, which of course will cost even more money. From first learning the cockpit drill, to taking your driving test should be an enjoyable happy experience

Ultimately, the driving instructor you choose should be someone who is able to communicate clearly with you, in a way that you understand.


They need to be patient with you, & make you feel safe & comfortable behind the wheel. If you don’t get on with your instructor or you find their methods don’t agree with you, it’s worth considering changing, so that you find one with whom you can make good progress.

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