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Are you looking for Driving Lessons in Breightmet?

Road Light Driver Training is an independent driving school offering driving lessons in Breightmet and surrounds.

My name is Ian Graham, and I'm the owner and operator of Road Light Driver Training. When you learn to drive, you need a highly qualified teacher who will provide first class instruction tailored to meet you and your way of learning.  

A highly qualified instructor will get you to test standard quickly, saving you money in the long run.

When you choose to have your driving lessons in Bolton with me, you will be learning to drive with mean each and every one of your lessons. You will not be assigned to learn with an unknown driving instructor. Or passed along to another instructor, as may happen when you choose to  have driving lessons with a multi car, or franchised driving school.


My driving lessons cater from complete beginners all the way up to pupils desiring to take an advanced driving test. You will receive excellent quality driving tuition at very competitive rates. 

* I am a fully qualified DVSA approved A GRADE driving instructor based in Bolton.

* You will be learning in a brand-new car, with modern driving assistance fitted as standard.

* My pupils tell me that I'm a patient, calm, & friendly instructor.

* I use the latest teaching methods and advances in driving technology.

* My driving lessons are of high quality and real value for money.

* I offer a door to door pick up service to all of my pupils.

Pupil Review

Aisha Awani was a pupil of Road Light Driver Training. Aisha who is from the Breightmet area of Bolton, passed her own driving test in Bolton in 2019. 


Aisha wrote the following review of driving lessons in Bolton with me.


"I had to wait for months to get driving lessons with Ian, as he was fully booked, but he was well worth the wait. He was never late and never cancelled any of my lessons. 

I needed to regain my confidence in driving and pass my test after a decade of not driving. Ian was very patient and helped me achieve my aim. Most importantly, he taught me how to drive safely, as I had a portfolio of bad driving habits. ​

The best thing about Ian is his friendly disposition & honest appraisals. He was always willing to help me, and he never got tired of going over things as many times as I desired. The reflective log that I received at the end of each lesson helped prepare me for my next lesson. 


Today I passed my driving test with only four minors. Thank you Ian for all your help and encouragement. 

I am already recommending Ian to family and friends, so if your goal is to drive confidently and safely, then look no further. Give Ian a call. Thank me later. 10/10."

Driving Lessons

The roads around Breightmet have some of challenging road layouts. As an example driving on Tonge Moor Road with parked cars on one side can seem can seem quite daunting to a learner driver. Crompton Way, another local road has a constantly changing speed limit, and it's two lanes can also seem very challenging. 


Parked cars on both sides of the road are common in all areas of Bolton, and Breightmet has plenty of very narrow roads with cars parked close to junctions, and opposite each other. Such hazards need careful negotiation, but you will be taught how to handle these roads with confidence.


During your driving lessons, you will get the opportunity to drive around your local area and learn how to handle these local challenges, so that after you pass your driving test, the local Breightmet area is not posing you any concerns, and is a place where you feel confident and relaxed whilst driving. The driving test requires that you learn how to deal confidently and safely with things like the different types of pedestrian crossings, roundabouts large and small as well as major junctions and dual carriageways etc, all of these will form part of your training and be incorporated into your weekly  driving lessons. You will also learn all the required manoeuvres for your practical driving test.

As your Driving Instructor I will ensure you are familiar with everything that you might encounter on the lead up to, and during your practical driving test. I will help you to build your confidence and will guide you through all aspects of learning to drive.


If you’d like to get to know more about having driving lessons with me, then please give me a call and I will be more than happy to have a no obligation chat with you. So, if you are looking to start learning to drive, and live in Breightmet then Road Light Driver Training should be on your call list. I look forward to hearing from you.

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