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Bolton Driving Lesson Reviews - 2016

Driving Instructor

Reviews are from individual students who had their driving lessons in Bolton, and were taught personally by me in 2016.

All the reviews are 100% genuine, they are written in the students own words using their own thoughts and expressions. They detail the students personal experience of having driving lessons in Bolton with me. They are posted here with their kind permission.

Pupil Review

Rachael Bagshaw Passed Her Driving Test in Bolton - 21st December 2016


Ian was an amazing driving instructor.


I had recently moved to the area and didn't know Bolton at all but driving with Ian made that irrelevant.


I feel confident to drive anywhere now and couldn't have done this without his help!


A great driving instructor, couldn't recommend him enough :).


Pupil Review

Atomide Adebayo Passed His Driving Test in Bolton - 13th December  2016


"I just passed my driving test with Ian, BEST FEELING EVER!! I took around 15 lessons and from the get go it was a success.


Ian was educative, calm and very helpful throughout my lessons. Taking the lessons in the new Audi A3 really made my test easy as it was very easy to drive and that's just the start of it.


I've had other instructors in the past but none of them are as equipped or up to date with the technology used to enhance the learning I acquired.


Ian was supportive at all times and very easy to understand as he will point out all the faults in the driving, explain it to the learner and train the learner until it becomes second nature.


Thanks to Ian @ Road Light Training I got my licence before the New Year, which was the target we set at the start of the programme. (Started Nov 7, Finished Dec 13 2016)."

Pupil Review

Hannah Dewhurst Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - 14th December 2016


I chose to use Ian at Road Light Driver Training after having a bad experience with a previous driving instructor.


I read Ian's reviews and thought he would be able to give me the help I needed to guide me through into passing my test!


Ian is very patient, calm and easy to communicate with. He understands his pupils and asks a lot of questions to allow his pupils to gain a broader understanding of driving and the road.


I am pleased with the service I was given. Ian is a very reliable instructor as he had never let me down once! I can't even begin to explain how much he believes in his pupils, as I was very unconfident, and now I really enjoy driving!


Thank you Ian for all your support and getting me through my test I'm over the moon!!"

Pupil Review

Morgan Tobias Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - 15th December 2016


My experience with Ian @ Road Light Driver Training was in a few words marvellous.


I can describe him and his teaching techniques, as calm, professional and encouraging and I would recommend him as your instructor as he is the best man for the job.


Also his manner in and out of the car is exceptional and I am pleased to have passed under his supervision.


Never has he once let me down with a lesson and also his time keeping is impeccable, he always turned up as agreed. He provides quality lessons with maximum driving and minimal talking.


We only stopped to talk when it was necessary e.g learning something new or to discuss a mistake.


Overall I would definitely recommend Ian at Road Light Driver Training as I really enjoyed having my driving lessons in Bolton with him, and also he has a fun character and a nice car."

Pupil Review
Pupil Review
Pupil Review

Emma Jayne Brooks Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - 12th November 2016

Of the four driving instructors I’ve had, Ian is by far the best instructor; he is professional, punctual, reassures and fills you full of confidence.


If I did not understand his verbal instructions, he would use different methods to explain, for example using his tablet and video footage to show different scenarios, this built my confidence no end.  


I would not hesitate to recommend Ian of (Road Light Driver Training) I feel Ian’s tutoring is the reason I passed first time.   I am now looking forward to doing my Pass Plus training in the near future.


Meiyi Wardle - Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - 28th November 2016

"I just passed my driving test with Ian at Road Light Driver Training and I am feeling so happy that I did it !!


Ian has been an amazing teacher, really patient and calm. He always made me feel comfortable during my driving lessons.


He explained everything very clearly, and as many times as I needed it explaining to help me really understand what I needed to do.


I would definitely recommend Ian to anyone wanting driving lessons in Bolton."



Stephen Coburn Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - 12th December 2016

Ian is an excellent instructor very supportive in helping me combat my nerves and getting me through my test.


His driving lessons are well structured, he used video and his iPad to show me where I was going wrong which I found very help full.


I would highly recommend Ian at Road Light Driver Training he never let me down and turned up on time and gave good value for money.

Pupil Review
Pupil Review
Puril Review

Saira Hassan Had A Motorway Driving Lesson In Bolton - 25 September 2016

I booked a Motorway lesson with Ian after speaking to him over the phone about my worries of driving on the motorway.


I have been driving for a while, however did not have the confidence to get onto the motorway before taking this lesson with Ian.


Ian offered me great advice and went through each package he delivers and also told me what he thinks I will benefit from the most as well as what would be great value for money! I was very happy after I spoke with Ian as he was calm and informative.


As soon as the motorway lesson began I was at ease and felt comfortable. Ian went through each and every step in a calm manner and made sure I knew what to expect.


As expected I was nervous when approaching the motorway, however Ian was patient and made me understand exactly what to do. 


I travelled on the motorway for two hours, and by the end of the lesson I was very confident and comfortable with getting on and off the motorway at junctions and welcome breaks.


Furthermore, whilst driving on the motorway I was at ease and felt very good about driving on the motorway alone by the time the lesson had finished.


Ian also offered me more advice about general driving and cleared up any worries I had. He was very kind and professional, which made me feel comfortable and I was extremely happy with booking the motorway lesson with him."


Jas Chia - passed her driving test in Bolton - 12th October 2016

"I have passed my driving test on the first attempt today, thanks to the excellent teaching of Ian Graham from Road Light Driver Training.


Ian was recommended to me when I was looking for a driving instructor in Bolton and he has been superb throughout the whole process since my first trial lesson with him.


Ian is calm, pleasant, reassuring, always professional in his approach and uses various tools to help me understand the techniques and manoeuvres.


During our driving lessons in Bolton, he will patiently repeat the moves and techniques that I find a bit challenging just so that I can understand and do them well.


I am a better driver now thanks to Ian's guidance and would not hesitate to recommend his service.


If you are looking for a driving instructor who can help you achieve your goal of driving, look no further, Ian will be an excellent choice!"

Jas Chia 


Andrew Newby Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - 20th October 2016


When it came for me to take driving lessons in Bolton, I knew I would need someone trustworthy, experienced, and professional to help me to learn.


As with any investment you want good value for money, great service, confidence, and security that what you will receive in return is valuable and will produce good results. Ian gave me that and more.


From the first lesson to the last, Ian provided a fantastic service that helped me pass my test. He was always clear, patient, and professional and always gave me a lot of time on the road. Before I came to Ian, I had never really driven a car and I had always seen lots of learners talking for long periods of time in the car. However, I was shocked that on my second lesson I spent most of the time driving and only when I made a mistake or when he started to teach me something new would he then go through the theory. Ian always explained things clearly, concisely, and straight to the point and it was never boring. I was never left confused by anything and he always helped me to understand, the how, when, where and why.


He helped me to build real confidence on the road, as I was a nervous driver, which helped me feel safe and in turn drive safely. Ian was also very friendly and patient and I felt comfortable to ask him anything. He always arrived on time and I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. Moreover, with the high quality of teaching, a great car to drive in, and Ian's exceptional customer service I feel I got great value for money. I would recommend Ian to anyone looking to drive.


I have heard of too many people who have had a terrible experience with driving instructors, including my own Mum and you can have real trust and confidence with Ian. Thanks for all your help Ian.

Pupil Review
Pupil Review
Pupil review

Jiabin Wang Passed His Driving Test

In Bolton - 14th September 2016

"YES! YES! YES! I just passed my practical test today !! I'm so exciting right now! And guess who is the hero behind this? Ian Graham!!!!! Yes he is!


Ian is the best instructor I have ever had!!! Imagine how difficult it is for a Chinese student to overcome the language barrier and the different road rules (we use left-side steering wheel) in China. Yes by the way I am a Chinese student in UOB.


However, all of these won't be a problem for Ian. He is so patient about everything. He will explain everything I am not sure, everything that I don't know. Even sometime I couldn't stand myself for being so foolish in some driving situation, he will also make me comfortable and talk to me very slowly and patiently about my faults.


Trust me, he is absolutely the best as an instructor. So as a student of him, I will definitely recommend him to all my Chinese friends who wants to get driver licence. Guess what, my girlfriend says that she will study with him once she finishes her study in UOB.


I will miss the days that I have spent with Ian, actually I'm kinda sad right now for not learning with him anymore. Anyways, I have "graduated" from his school and hopefully one day you are going to be the one succeed with him.


And PLEASE! CHOOSE IAN!!!!!!! By the way, I just got 3 minus, don't be jealous people !!!!! hahahahahhahahah."


Shaunie Howarth Had A Refresher Lesson in Bolton - September 14th 2016


Ian is a great driving instructor, he was calm and patient with me when I was on my refresher lessons.


He spoke clearly and gave me plenty of notice to think things through before I had to carry it out.


Ian himself is also a really nice person to get along with, so that helped to bring my confidence up about being back on the road again.


I would definitely recommend him for first time learners, as well as others who wish for just a couple of hours to refresh like I did.


Thank you Ian so much."

Idris Abdullahi Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - 6th September 2016


I chose to go with Ian as my first driving instructor because of all the great reviews he has received in the past as well as how well presented and professional his website looked.


Each driving lesson Ian made sure that I was well informed of what was to come during that lesson, covering all the necessary information required to complete the various aspects of driving safely and effectively.


Ian is very patient and punctual as well as always providing a teaching method, which allows you to understand and apply different driving techniques very easily.


As well as teaching you how to drive, Ian will make sure you understand the reason behind careful driving and the possible consequences behind careless driving.


I really like how Ian goes through detailed 2-way feedback after every session, and how he used multiple different ways of explaining particular situations / scenarios / rules, including iPad demonstrations, until we both felt I understood the point he was trying to illustrate.


I can honestly say that I don’t believe I would have been able to pass my test as easily with another driving instructor.


I highly recommend Road Light Driver Training to any pupil wishing to undertake driving lessons in Bolton.   Thanks again Ian, hope for all the best in future."

Pupil Review

Stephen Rock Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - May 2016


I've just passed my test learning with Ian and couldn't be happier; he's the best instructor around!!


And I've learned with other instructors and didn't really enjoy my driving but with Ian I not only became a much better driver but actually enjoy and feel relaxed at the wheel.


He's definitely worth the money and I could not speak more highly of him.


Ian makes driving what it should be safe and enjoyable and I'd recommend everyone learns with him.


Pupil Review

Megan Bennett  Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - July 2016


"I have really enjoyed my time learning to drive with Ian as my instructor. No matter what I did wrong he has been very supportive in helping me to improve throughout my lessons. He explained everything I needed to know in great detail, and if I didn't understand he was very helpful in going through it with me, and showing me how to do manoeuvres correctly. He has improved my confidence dramatically throughout my driving lessons as I now feel like I can drive independently with confidence whereas when I started I was worried about completing driving tasks such as manoeuvres and junctions.


Ian was always very reliable and was never late to a lesson! He was also helpful when arranging lessons for a time that suits me best so I could fit my lessons in around college and working. I would definitely recommend Ian when learning to drive as his support and confidence in me is what has helped me to pass my test. I don't think I could have done it without Ian's help.


If you're looking for driving lessons in Bolton, I would highly recommend you choose Ian!"

Pupil review

Aneela Rafiq Had A Refresher Driving Lesson In Bolton -  August 2016

Ian my instructor has made me feel very confident in the 2 hour refresher course.


He was very understandable and easy to get on with. I would definetley recommend Ian to anyone, and also if needed book in with him again.


Thank you Ian

Pupil Review
Pupil review
Pupil review

Lee Jackson Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - March 2016


"Previously I had two instructors before Ian which weren’t very productive and then I found Ian and he had kindly informed me he could help out by taking over as my new instructor.


He is a brilliant instructor keeps you calm & re assures you when you need it. I became very productive and my confidence built each lesson. Ian helped me learn to a high standard which led me to pass first time.


Great instructor would highly recommend to new and ongoing learners".

Pupil Review

Sam Roberts  From Westhoughton Passed his Driving Test -  January 2016


I would highly recommend Ian at Road Light Driver Training if anyone is unsure who they would like to pass there driving test with!


After previously struggling to get to grips with driving with my first instructor I decided to switch driving instructors. This is when I found Ian at Road Light Driver Training!


After reading many positive revews I decided to learn with Ian for the next few months I passed my test in January 2016! During this time I never felt rushed or put under any pressure to do something I was not ready to do.


One thing I particularly struggled with was turning in the road. Ian gave me lots of tips on how to perform this manoeuvre and after only a couple of lessons I was able to turn in the road with no difficulty whatsoever.


Another manoeuvre that Ian had a great tip on was Parallel parking. Ian told me to think of a 'wonky solider' and apply that to my steering, left, right, right and left. This was great advice and made the manoeuvre a lot easier!


Ultimately, I really enjoyed learning to drive with Ian at road light driver training Bolton and Would definitely recommend anyone learning to drive to give Ian a try!"


Pupil Review

James Walton Passed His Driving Test In Bolton -  January 2016


"When I first took driving lessons in Bolton with Ian I was very nervous about being able to control the car on the road, but Ian was very calm and patient and my confidence in the car soon grew.


All aspects of driving, including manoeuvres, were taught well and at a pace that suited me and I was able to pass my test first time.


I was lucky that the first driving instructor I rang was Ian, because I couldn’t imagine starting driving lessons with an impatient instructor.


I highly recommend Ian at Road Light Driver Training to anyone in the Bolton area looking to start or to continue driving lessons."

Chris Holt -  had a refresher driving lessons in Bolton - March 2016


"I passed my driving test about 4 years ago and hadn't driven a car since. I recently bought a car and had very little confidence driving it.


I booked a 2 hour refresher lesson with Ian, and he was fantastic.


My confidence grew very quickly and started to enjoy driving rather than being very nervous. I am now driving every day to and from work thanks to Ian.


Cheers, you were a great help!"

Pupil review

Michaela Brown from Farnworth Passed Her Test - February 2016


So finally today on the 8th attempt I have finally passed my driving test. After six different instructors I really did not think that I would ever pass my test.


Ian is literally the best driving instructor I have ever had and the only one to truly put me at ease, teach me how to drive and not only that but how to do it safely. I know that sounds cliché but it was driving safely that finally got me through my test.


Ian was always patient even when I had a complete breakdown and was convinced I could not do it. My whole body especially my legs shook on every test up until now, but Ian finally helped me feel comfortable enough behind the wheel to just go for it and finally pass my test. He sent motivational messages and kept that motivation up during my lessons.


I am truly happy that I found such a great driver instructor and could not recommend him more. To anyone taking driving lessons in Bolton, I highly recommend that you choose Ian at Road Light. Not only is he a great teacher but he also has a great car! The Audi is great to learn in, easy to use and the modern touches such as the electric hand brake really help when you’re trying to master everything else.


I do not regret a single penny that I have spent learning with Ian and would recommend him to any learner driver. Again thank you Ian for helping me FINALLY pass my test! All the best, Kayla :)

Pupil Review

Stuart Hadley - Had Some Refresher Driving Lessons in Bolton - April 2016


I recently completed refresher lessons with Road Light after a thirteen year gap from driving.


My instructor Ian was very professional, patient, and reassuring, which helped me, feel comfortable getting back behind the wheel. Ian was very punctual and knowledgeable with great techniques and teaching methods that really assisted with improving my confidence and ability.


I would highly recommend Road Light to anyone from new starters to experienced drivers looking to improve or refresh their skills."


Pupil review

Michael Ratcliffe Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - February 2016


I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Ian. He was always so very calm and collected, and when I made a mistake he never made me feel foolish, we just discussed it and he helped me work out what went wrong and how I could make it better.


If I didn't understand what Ian was asking me, I felt comfortable enough to to ask him to explain it again in another way so I got it clearly in my mind. Ian was alway encouraging and kept me motivated and focused and assured me that I could do this.


Before I found Ian I had tried 5 other driving instructors. I wasn't making progress with any of them and so kept looking for someone who could teach me in the way I needed. Ian had lots of great techniques to help me remember things, and used diagrams and apps on his iPad, which really helped me understand what I needed to do.


Before I had my driving lessons with Ian I was terrified of tackling roundabouts and had a fear of what others would do on them. Ian really helped me to understand how and why I needed to be slow enough to look and decide early what to do, and so gradually my fears got less and my confidence grew. I went for my test today and I was confident in my ability to pass and I wasn't worried about whichever manoeuvre I got because I really knew how to do them all.


Even though I have written this it really doesn't sum up how good a driving instructor I think Ian is. You have nothing to lose by giving Ian a try, but have a driving test pass to gain. I would 100% recommend Ian at Road Light Driver Training to anyone. His lessons were real value for money, he was never late collecting me and we didn't waste time sitting at the side of the road. We drove loads. I passed my test today with only 3 minor faults. Im over the moon excited. Thanks so much Ian

Pupil Review

Barbara Kelly - Egerton - Bolton had refresher lessons January 2016


"Although I have been driving for many years, I had lost confidence when driving to unfamiliar places, especially when negotiating very busy roundabouts in heavy traffic.


My lesson with Ian was a great help and I now realise what I need to change to get my confidence back. In fact the lesson was a bit of an eye opener - what's more I enjoyed it.


I would recommend a lesson with Ian to anyone who wants to improve or update their driving ability and /or confidence."

Samuel Paeglis Passed His Driving Test In Bolton January 2016


"I wasn't a natural driver at first, but during our driving lessons Ian gave me the confidence to pass.


I think Ian is a brilliant instructor; he has lots of experience and is very calm and friendly. He creates a relaxed atmosphere and gave me the knowledge and advice I needed to learn to drive well.


Ian took me on many different routes, which helped me on my driving test. He was very good at putting me at ease and answering any problems or question I had.


He was always happy to help and I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for driving lessons in Bolton."

Read more reviews from students, who have been taught by me, click the button below. 

As previously stated, all the reviews are 100% genuine, and are written by my own pupils in their own words, using their own thoughts and expressions, and posted here with their kind permission.

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