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Have you already passed your driving test?

Why not consider further developing your driving skills with a Pass Plus course, here in Bolton?

The Pass Plus driving course is a Road Safety Initiative, from the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). The course will help further develop the skills you have learned with your Driving Instructor, during your learner driving lessons.

A Pass Plus course  will particularly benefit new younger drivers, especially when searching for an Insurance Policy for the first time, or when taking on new driving challenges.

The course is recognised by many Insurance Companies who will often provide a discount on a policy, in recognition of the extra training you have undertaken. Check with your insurer for confirmation.

Even if no discount is offered, you will really benefit from the extra training. You will gain experience in planning and in smooth driving.


You will also learn how to further anticipate and deal with more complicated hazards and/or road conditions, than you may have encountered during your previous driving lessons. Having these extra driving lessons in Bolton after having passed your test will really build up your confidence and develop your driving skills. 


The course includes basic training in the following areas :-

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  • Motorways.

  • Dual Carriageways Driving.

  • Driving on Country Roads.

  • Town Centre Driving.

  • Driving at Night. 

  • Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions

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The course comprises 6 hours of documented lessons, which will take place locally in and around the Bolton area. After completing the course with me,  your details and all the relevant paperwork will be forwarded to the D.V.S.A. who will process it, and then send back to you, your Pass Plus certificate. You can then inform your Insurance Company for their records.

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