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 Mature Driver Assessments! 

Mature Assesment

Did you know that Mature Drivers are often among the safest on our roads.


Yet sadly, it is a fact that as we get older in years our eyesight may not be as sharp as it used to be, and our reactions not as swift as they once were. Have you considered having your own driving re assessed. After all many years may have passed since you first qualified.

My Driver Review Course will give you, or your family reassurance that you continue to be safe and confident on the roads.


This one hour driver review takes place in your own car, on roads that you are familiar with. It will provide you with reassurance that you remain safe and can continue to feel comfortable in your abilities.


It might highlight some areas which may need improvement, and if so, you will be given some pointers to help develop your skills and assist you to be a safer better driver, for longer.

Mature Drivers
Driving Lesson

Having a Mature Driver Review is the ideal way to gain reassurance for yourself or perhaps for a family member, that even as a senior road user, you still have plenty of safe driving miles left in you.

Did you know that 90% of older drivers reviewed by IAM RoadSmart need only minor guidance to set them back on track.

During a driver review course, you will be assessed on your driving style, and assisted with any areas where your skills could do with some sharpening. Maybe you are already conscious that your driving is not what it used to be,  or you may have worries about particular situations, or get anxiety when driving on today's busy traffic filled roads. 

After your drive you will receive informal feedback. Commendation on what was good and advice if neccessary, on areas of needed improvement. Afterward a written will report will be provided giving details of the drive and the feedback provided. The report will not be shared with anyone else unless you wish to share it yourself.

Mature Student

Maybe its your family members who are concerned about your driving. Having a driver assessment would give them the reassurance knowing that a professional instructor has assessed your driving, given you an honest appraisal of how it went and some pointers on improving if necessary.

Those who have completed one of my Mature Driver Reviews tell me that having an expert judge their driving skills gives them renewed confidence at the wheel,  and a real sense of achievement and puts a smile back on their faces.

Why not give me a call and book a review of your own driving. Click the following link for Prices for the Mature Driver Review.

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