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Are you unhappy with your driving instructor? 

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Driving lessons and driving instructors in Bolton are definitely not all the same!


So you really don't need to stick with a driving instructor with whom you feel you are making little or no progress. Sometimes you might just need a change of direction to help you with your driving lessons.


It might be that you and your current driving instructors personalities just don't work well together. 


If that is the the case, don't suffer silently, explain that to your instructor and then make a change! Make sure your that your driving lessons in Bolton are working for you and for the way you learn.

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During your driving lessons, a good driving instructor should be doing the following to assist you :-

  • Teaching you to drive, not just aimlessly directing you around a chosen route.


  • Keeping you calm, and building your confidence, not shouting at you when you make a mistake.


  • Trying to prevent you making unnecessary errors , by checking your understanding.

  • Discussing with you and clearly explaining, anything you don't understand as many times as you need.


  • Building up your confidence rather that making you feel you can't do something.


  • Guiding you with feedback and encouragement and encouraging you to ask questions.


  • Praising you when you have achieved your aims and reached your goals.


  • Finishing each driving lesson by recapping what you have done during your lesson and setting goals for your next.

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Road Light

Tel: 07939 089903

If your driving instructor isn't doing those things during your driving lessons, make a change.


You need to be happy if you are to learn well.


If your struggling to learn to drive, it might be your driving instructor's lack of skill, rather than your lack of aptitude.

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