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My name is Ian Graham and I'm a D.V.S.A. Approved Driving Instructor (Grade A)

I'm a fully independent driving instructor. I'm based in Bolton Lancashire and provide driving lessons in Bolton and its surrounding areas. I work for myself so I have to ensure that the quality of my driving lessons are second to none. 

Bolton Driving lessons Grade A Instructor

Grade A

Bolton Driving Lessons with Ian Graham Road Light Driver Training

My pupils tell me that I'm a patient, calm, & friendly driving instructor. I hope that you'll agree.

 I endeavour to make all of my driving lessons really productive and as enjoyable as possible.

As a conscientious driving instructor, I keep up to date with the latest teaching and coaching methods and advances in driving technology. 

Over the years I have built a solid reputation for excellence in my teaching, and the quality of my driver training. Driving lessons in Bolton with me are high quality, relevant, progressive, & enjoyable. I am fully committed to engaging in continual professional development (CPD).  

All of my lessons are properly structured with a set goal agreed with each pupil, as to what we are aiming to achieve during each and every driving lesson. Once we have agreed a learning topic we then agree on how to work on it together, to learn both theory and practical skills.

As well as teaching learner drivers, I offer r efresher lessons,  confidence building lessons, parking, advanced, eco-safe and motorway driving lessons, all of which can be conducted in your own car if you prefer, be it manual or automatic transmission.

In addition to being Grade A qualified, I hold a RoSPA GOLD & an I.A.M F1RST in advanced driving.

Bolton driving lessons with a RoSPA gold driving instructor


A RoSPA GOLD is the highest advanced driving qualification available to a civilian driver.

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Top 3 Best Rated 6 years Running.

I.A.M Member Bolton Driving Lessons
I.A.M. 1st Member Bolton Driving Lessons

An I.A.M. F1RST badge is awarded in recognition of excellence in the advanced driving test.


Listed in the Top 3 Best Rated Driving Schools In Bolton 2017. 2018. 2019. 2020. 2021. 2022

I'm also a full member of the National Joint Council Of Driving Instructors.

NVQ, level 3 Customer Service and Level 3 QCF Assessor. 

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Certified Driving Test Nerves Specialist

If you choose to have driving lessons in Bolton with me, you can be assured that you will receive quality training, from a professional driving instructor.

I use a coaching style of teaching during lessons, to encourage my pupils to think and work out how to deal with problems for themselves.

Adopting a coaching style helps a pupil to quickly build confidence, and ensures faster progress towards becoming a safe and independent driver.


Full assistance is provided to help guide a pupil to a successful outcome. I aim to transfer responsibility to my pupils as soon as possible, this ensures that they become independent in their thinking, planning and driving tab an early stage.

This is a real advantage to a pupil on 'test day', as this is exactly what they will need to be able to do, in order to pass the driving test.

Pass your driving test with bolton driving lessons
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All my driving lessons in Bolton are conducted in my Audi Q2. 

It's a high quality vehicle that you will find easy to drive and enjoyable to learn in. Its high ride height helps with visibility and builds confidence, which is especially advantageous during the early stages of learning to drive.

Please note, I offer only Manual Driving Lessons for Learner Drivers.

This is the car you will use during your driving lessons in Bolton with me.

The car is fitted with many useful technologies to aid your learning. It has Stop Start Control, Hill Hold Assist, a Fully Automatic Handbrake,  along with front and rear parking aids, and Satellite Navigation.

My car is also equipped with HD Video Cameras. These are fitted to both the front & rear screens, and enable me to show you actual footage of your own driving, as a teaching aid during lessons.

Viewing your own driving helps you work out more easily what improvements you might need to make during your lessons, but importantly it allows me to show you what things went well, and where things need improvement or correction.

bolton driving lessons car fitted with HD Cameras front and rear.

Pupils love these training aids, they help make the learning process more enjoyable and facilitate a faster route to driving test success. 

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Getting the right help to assist you to develop into a safe driver is vitally important, wether you are new to driving, or not.

My driving school Road Light Driver Training is Bolton based. So during your driving lessons you will be driving on the roads that you will encounter during your own driving test.

You will be taught to confidently handle major junctions, crossroads, roundabouts, and crossings etc. You will drive in and around Bolton town centre, on roads such as Deansgate and Bradshawgate, but you will also experience driving on faster roads like, Beaumont Rd, the A6 and dual carriageways like the A666 St Peters Way.


During your lessons you will get the opportunity of driving on as many of the roads in and around the Bolton area as is possible. 

Very soon you will be fully competent, ready for your driving test and looking forward to congratulations from family and friends.

Driving instructors, their training vehicles & the quality of their driving lessons are not all the same. So dont rush into making your choice of instructor quickly. Take time to investigate and do some research so that you choose your instructor carefully.

Bolton Driving Lessons iPad road layout.

I use an iPad extensively during lessons too. It's a really useful aid to faster learning.


It's much quicker and more accurate than drawing with pencil and paper, and it cuts down on the time I need to spend at the side of the road explaining things.

During driving lessons I also make use many driving Apps, electronic programs, road layouts, maps, illustrations, as well as working models and videos.


These all help you to understand clearly the different things that you might encounter in and around the Bolton area, whilst you are learning to drive.


Using the iPad I can draw on a photograph of a road you are about to drive, to explain things like the the road positioning & signalling you will need. This really helps to aid understanding. I also use purpose built models to help explain things like how the clutch works, and how to quickly master the steering and manoeuvring of a car.

Why not take the time to view my pupil reviews page and read reviews from pupils who have already taken their driving lessons in Bolton with me, and have passed their driving test.

All of my driving lessons in Bolton are reviewed and independently verified on FreeIndex and on Google. 


For your reassurance, I carry Full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance. 

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