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  Driving Lessons Bolton-Reviews 2022

Each review is from a student who had their driving lessons in Bolton and were taught personally by me. All are 100% genuine and can be fully verified!

They are displayed here with the kind permission of each student, using their own words and expressions and detail their individual experience of driving lessons with me.

Pupil Review

Yashni Patel - Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton November 2022


Ian was a great driving instructor. He went through everything in detail and had great patience when I made the silliest mistakes!


Would definitely recommend him and will definitely look into going back to him for motorway and further training.

Top 3 Certificate

Top 3 Driving School in Bolton once again in 2023.

Top 3 Best Rated Driving Schools In Bolton 2017. 2018. 2019. 2020. 2021. 2022. 2023.

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Pupil review
Pupil review
Parental Review

Helen Walker - Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton August 2022


If you are reading this review wondering whether to use Road Light Driver Training to help you learn to drive please do! I cannot recommend Ian enough. He is a fantastic instructor very patient, kind and explains things so clearly, you really understand what you need to do not only pass your test, but more importantly to help you to feel confident driving on your own after you pass.


As a mature learner I really struggled with nerves and anxiety on the road. I had wasted 20 hours with a previous instructor in Bolton and really felt driving wasn’t for me and had made no progress. I thought I’d give it one more chance to learn with a new instructor and I’m so lucky I found Ian. He returned my confidence and stuck with me when driving test nerves started to show weeks before my test.


Ian helped me learn lots of useful mindfulness techniques that helped so much on my driving test and I passed FIRST time!! I honestly can’t thank him enough for helping me pass and get on the road!! Thank you.

Holly Denison - Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton September 2022

Ian has been such an amazing driving instructor. He has lots of tips and tricks to make driving so much easier but also to make you feel so much more confident when driving.


At the start of learning to drive I wasn’t confident at all, now I love driving so much and it is thanks to Ian.


Ian always showed up on time to our lessons and never cut the lessons short.


He is also so patient with you when you are learning to drive which gives you so much confidence in yourself.


I would 100% recommended Ian to any one is looking for a driving instructor.


And thanks to Ian I passed my test first time.

Catherine Denison - Hollys Mum Bolton September 2022


Our daughter has just passed her practical driving test today (first time) using Road Light Driver Training.


Ian has been an excellent support and reassurance to her over the last few months. She’s now a confident and safe driver which as any parent will know is a huge reassurance as she takes her first steps on her own as an independent driver. 

Ian has always given us detailed feedback after lessons, highlighting her achievements, progress and also areas that she needed to work on. 

We would definitely recommend Ian for your driving tuition without giving it a second thought and we will certainly be contacting him again once our youngest daughter turns 17.


Thanks again Ian.

Pupil Review
Pupil Review
Pupil Review

Jacob Scott - Passed his Driving Test In Bolton August 2022


Fantastic Driving instructor! I have just passed my driving test after learning to drive with Ian. I passed both my Theory test and Practical first time.


From the start Ian was very patient and kind with me providing feedback by way of a reflective log at the end of every lesson to help me with my development and preparation for the next lesson.


He went out of his way to learn techniques to aid my learning where this was sometimes difficult.


I would not hesitate to recommend Ian for driving lessons. Without doubt one of the best driving instructors around.

James Bewley - Passed His Test In Bolton June 2022


Amazing lessons over a period of 20 weeks! I went from no driving experience to passing my test first time.


Ian gave advice and guidance throughout every lesson and would correct me on my mistakes in a kind and informative manner.


Ian was punctual, never missed a lesson & never cut a lesson short.


Zoltan Balla - Passed His Driving Test In Bolton June 2022

I passed my driving test this morning at my first attempt and this was only possible because of Ian. My dad had passed his test with Ian a few years earlier and he recommended Ian as my driving instructor and I’m really glad he did, because finding a great instructor isn't easy.


Ian explains things really well, even the smallest details and if you don’t understand something he always stays calm and patient even if you are getting something wrong for the 100th time. He really helped me to regulate my driving speed as that was one of my biggest issues and he quickly got me on the right track.


Ian never let me down with lessons and he always turned up on time, in fact mostly early. So I would highly recommend Ian as your first choice of driving instructor, because he is just brilliant! Many thanks Ian for everything that you have done for me for the past couple of months

Pupil Review
Pupil Review
Parental Review

Andre Babians - Passed His Driving Test in Bolton April 2022 


I came to Ian with absolutely no driving experience and he built me up to be a very safe and confident driver.


The idea of driving was quite daunting to me but Ian was always patient and could calm my nerves.


I am sure that being a driving instructor can be quite stressful, so it amazed me how Ian could always keep calm when I made mistakes.


What I liked most about our lessons was the fact that Ian had a bunch of easy to understand methods for the manouvers. I could normally nail each one with only a few attempts. 

I was referred to Ian by a friend who passed first time with him and I am proud to say that I have followed suit!


I could not have passed without Ian's outstanding lessons and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an instructor :)

Ysabella Hornby - Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton April 2022


I really struggled with confidence in driving and Ian had some excellent techniques with how to cope.


Felt at ease on my lessons and felt as if I learnt a lot each lesson.


Ian had a lot of different alternatives for learning to drive if I couldn’t understand one way. 

Amazing instructor, I passed first time with no minors, I can't recommend him enough. 

Justine Hornby - Ysabella's  Mum

Bolton - April 2022


I choose Ian for my daughter after reading about his knowledge and experience. My daughter had had two previous instructors and was very nervous and lacking in confidence. Ian has been fantastic from day one. He introduced himself, explained clearly that if my daughter wasn’t happy after her first lesson with him then that was fine, he just wanted her to feel comfortable.


Well the first lesson went really well and my daughter actually said she really wanted Ian as her instructor even after just one lesson she seemed so much more relaxed and confident. This continued and I saw her confidence grow as did her driving skills. Ian kept me informed after every lesson and gave my daughter techniques and information in preparation for her test.


Then comes the day of the test and again Ian worked his magic offering her that reassurance that she was well prepared and could pass. He was right of course, she passed first time with no faults! I couldn’t thank Ian enough he has been fantastic and always believed she could do it therefore she believed it.


He is professional, knowledgeable and has great understanding of what my daughter needed. I would highly recommend him and will be asking him to teach my son next year!

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Pupil Review
Pupil Review
Pupil Review

Jack Rose - Passed His Driving Test In Bolton March 2022


I cannot thank Ian enough for helping me pass my test today. Ian has been an excellent driving instructor, he was amazing at calming my nerves.


Ian is very friendly, easy to talk to and very flexible with times and days for my lesson.


Ian has everything you need to learn to drive and has many diagrams and drawing to help you with junctions and manoeuvres etc. 


Ian has never let me down when it comes to my lesson and is always on time and prepared. 

I will always be grateful for the help Ian has given me and would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Kinga Chmurzynska - Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton March 2022


I’ve just passed my driving test first time. I’ve been with Ian for about 3 or 4 months. I came to him with about 13 hours of driving done with my previous instructor that I had to leave, as I had a bad experience with him.


I was very nervous when I first started with Ian because of my past experience but I got comfortable with him really quickly as he was understanding and patient with me. He saw every little mistake I’ve made and taught me the easiest ways to fix them. I got confident in my driving and my abilities really quickly thanks to Ian.


I would recommend Ian to anyone, complete beginners and those who already have some hours done. I’ll be booking him again for extra lessons once I get my car because I know he’ll be the best person to go to, to learn how to get used to my new car. Thank you for everything Ian!

Lana Pennington - Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton January 2022.


Thank you so much for teaching me Ian! I can’t recommend you enough.


Taught me from never being in a car to passing my test first time! He was very knowledgeable and explained everything clearly when I didn’t fully understand.


Ian is always on time for lessons and made sure that I would be ready for the test with confidence.


Thank you so much again Ian, it was an absolute pleasure to learn with you I cannot recommend you enough!

Lana Pennington

To read more reviews from local people, who have been taught personally by me, click the button below. 

As previously stated, all the reviews are a 100% genuine record of my students own driving lessons in Bolton with me. They are written in their own words, using their own thoughts and expressions, and posted here with their kind permission.

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