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Driving Lessons

 Bolton Driving Lessons - Reviews 2019

All of the following reviews are from individual students who were taught personally by me. They all had their driving lessons in Bolton.

All the reviews are 100% genuine, and can be fully verified.


They are posted here just as they were written using the students own words and expressions. They detail their personal experience of driving lessons in Bolton with me, and are displayed here with their kind permission.

Pupil Review

Khizer Almas Passed His Driving Test In Bolton 10th  December 2019

I was really happy to find Ian as he proved to be a great driving instructor and allowed me to develop at my own pace, he made me feel confident and gave me full support. 


Never let me down on lesson times always on time, in fact early. 

IAN is Definitely worth the money and HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


Friendly driving instructor and I passed on the first time.

Pupil review
Pupil Review
Pupil review

Catherine Walker Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton 12th September 2019


Ian has got to be one of the best instructor's in Bolton and I'm glad to say I had the pleasure of learning with him.


I previously started learning with another instructor nearly 10 years ago, so safe to say I was quite rusty. Ian was amazing at calming any nerve's I had, and teaching in such a way that was easy to understand, and he was so patient with me.


He had everything you could need with drawings on his iPad with all the roads, roundabouts you could possibly think of down to a little toy car to help with positions on manoeuvres etc. Ian never let me down with times and days of my lessons, and was always on time.


Unfortunately during the time I was learning I suffered a miscarriage. I had a lesson booked the following day and Ian was so kind and compassionate. I wanted to do my lesson and he was so kind and put me at ease, and we had a good lesson. He came with a card from him and his wife, I was so touched that he had thought of me in that way. Ian is not just an instructor, he takes the time and effort to care and make sure you're well. This just shows that unlike some, Ian does this job out of love and care rather than money grabbing and out for what they can get.


I can't recommend Ian enough, so if your looking for the best instructor to teach you, you've found him in Ian, he's amazing, just gutted I will no longer see him every week as I passed 1st time.

Aisha Awani Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton 3rd September 2019


I had to wait for months to get driving lessons with Ian, as he was fully booked, but he was well worth the wait. He was never late and never cancelled any of my lessons. 

I needed to regain my confidence in driving and pass my test after a decade of not driving. Ian was very patient and helped me achieve my aim. Most importantly, he taught me how to drive safely, as I had a portfolio of bad driving habits. 

The best thing about Ian is his friendly disposition & honest appraisals. He was always willing to help me, and he never got tired of going over things as many times as I desired. The reflective log that I received at the end of each lesson helped prepare me for my next lesson. 


Today I passed my driving test with only four minors. Thank you Ian for all your help and encouragement. 

I am already recommending Ian to family and friends, so if your goal is to drive confidently and safely, then look no further. Give Ian a call. Thank me later. 10/10.

Ashley Smith Passed His Driving Test In Bolton 9th October 2019


I passed my test first time today after having my driving lessons with Ian at Road Light Driver Training.


Ian has been an excellent driving instructor, because he was great at explaining things and used some advanced driving skills to help me learn quickly how to become a safe and smooth driver, especially I became really smooth with my clutch control, and this made me feel confident in my driving. Ian helped me so much that I felt confident enough to drive on the motorway with him. It was a great feeling.


Ian was always on time and mostly early for my lessons, and he never let me down once.


He was flexible with times to fit around my other commitments.


I would highly recommend Ian to anyone, he has been brilliant and a really down to earth instructor. In a way I will miss my lesson now Ive passed, but I’m really glad I have.


Brilliant thank you Ian. Ashley Smith.

Pupil Review
Pupil Review
Pupil Review

Jordan Healey Passed His Driving Test In Bolton 15th August 2019

Ian is a great instructor. I wanted to pass quickly and Ian enabled me to do this and helped me pass first time. In my 11 driving lessons in Bolton.


I was comfortable enough to ask for help on anything I wasn't sure about and Ian has an abundance of tips and guidance to help you with every aspect of driving.


We thoroughly covered everything required for the driving test, and Ian did this quickly but also in a lot of detail so I was 100% sure I could do everything before the test. The reflective log is perfect for this as it helps you to see what you have done in the last lesson and what you will do the next lesson, but more importantly what you need to improve on and practice. I think this is a fantastic tool Ian uses to help you keep track of your progress.


Reliability is not a problem for Ian as he always turned up early for my lessons and fit me in around his busy schedule as I could only have lessons in the evenings.


I would highly recommend Ian to all sorts of learners and I couldn't ask for a better instructor. Thanks a lot Ian. Road Light Driver Training. 10/10

Joel Bromley Passed His

Driving Test In Bolton 5th August 2019


Ian gave me confidence in my driving and was always patient when I made mistakes.


Ian teaches in a very simple and positive way and is always very clear and makes things easy to understand.


Ian is always organised and never cancelled lesson, also he always made time for me, despite at times my unpredictable schedule.


I will always be grateful for the help Ian gave me to pass my test. It is such a good feeling to pass.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ian as a driving instructor 

Natalie Flinn Passed Her

Driving Test In Bolton 23rd July 2109

When I turned 17, I wasn’t someone who was particularly excited to start learning to drive; for me, it was more a skill of convenience rather than pleasure. However, having lessons with Ian completely changed my outlook on driving, and I very much enjoy it now.


I would strongly recommend Ian to anyone looking to learn to drive in Bolton. He is patient, explains things with clarity and is always early to lessons. One feature of my driving lessons I particularly liked, was the learning log at the end of each drive. This enabled me to learn faster and more effectively because I had clear goals to work on, as well as praising feedback from my prior lesson, which I could read over and refresh myself with before the next lesson.


The evaluation of each lesson afterwards was very useful and Ian was particularly good with certain phrasing and little tricks to remember what to work on. During my actual lessons, I always felt confident and comfortable enough to ask questions, as Ian was not only very understanding and always listened to what I had to say, but also used various models which allowed me to visualise things easier. I wanted to pass my test fairly quickly (and first time), and Ian allowed me to do this, alongside teaching me to be a safe and smart driver.


I couldn’t thank him enough and would advocate Ian and his teaching to anyone looking for driving lessons in Bolton.

Parents Review
Pupil Review
Pupil Review

A Parental Review from Mr David Flinn

Father of Natalie Flinn 23rd July 2019


Our Daughter, Natalie passed her driving test first time on 23rd July after being taught by Ian over recent months


We thought that choosing an appropriate instructor would be challenging as had heard about some unpleasant experiences with individuals and organisations, but in researching options, we were drawn to Ian’s website which we found to be very professional, honest, informative and “friendly” and this was certainly reflected in the approach and tuition that Natalie has received.


Natalie was a little apprehensive about driving at first, but Ian soon put her at ease and she developed quite quickly through their sessions. She also found the reflective learning at the end of each lesson particularly useful.


Ian remained totally professional and friendly throughout and has often been as flexible as possible around several other commitments. What we also particularly liked was his willingness to engage with parents, giving some valuable feedback and suggesting ways in which Natalie could practice when she was able to go out in a car with us. This was extremely beneficial and clearly helped towards her achieving a first time pass.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian to any person considering learning or further developing their driving in the future

Jen Williams Passed her

Driving Test In Bolton 31st May 2019


Today I passed my driving test for the first time. I was extremely nervous and not confident when I first started to learn but throughout my lessons I could see my confidence starting to grow as Ian was very patient with me.


Ian has been an excellent teacher and always told me I could do it when I didn’t believe in myself, turns out he was right!


I always felt comfortable on my lessons due to Ian being very easy to talk to. I really enjoyed my lessons with Ian and he is definitely worth the money as he always ensures that you get the most out of your lessons.


I always felt like I could ask any question without being judged and it never mattered how many times I asked. Ian always had multiple ways to explain things so then I could visualise things in different ways.


I enjoyed filling in the electronic reflective log at the end of lessons so then I could see my progress weekly and see what I wanted to improve on and remember things important things that I had learnt.

Thank you so much Ian for being an amazing instructor and believing that I could do it.

Samantha Ryan Passed Her

Driving Test In Bolton 24th May 2019

I would highly recommend Ian if you're looking for a driving instructor in Bolton. Ian had me driving within the very first hour of my first lesson. He was patient with me, explained situations very clearly, gave me feedback where needed and praise when deserved! Ian very quickly picks up on how best a pupil learns and tailors his approach accordingly. He adapts his teaching style to suit you so you feel that you are really learning something with each and every lesson. 


Ian not only taught me how to drive, but he also taught me how to be a confident and safe driver. I am in the process of looking for my first car and looking forward to being on the road - this would not be possible without Ian's guidance, teaching and support.


I found Ian through my brother, who also had lessons (and passed) with Ian. When looking online for lessons for my brother, my mum spotted Ian driving around town (a sign some would say!) and looked up his website. She recommended him to us as his website had no frills and empty promises compared with the others she had seen. It was just plain honest and professional, just like Ian himself.


I never felt pressured to do anything I wasn't comfortable doing, never felt any question was too silly to ask and never felt like I couldn't ask him to run through something for the tenth time. Ian is beyond friendly, very easy to talk to and so approachable. I enjoyed every lesson with him and would highly recommend him if you're looking for an instructor. You won’t regret it. Thank you so so so much Ian

Pupil Review
Pupil Review
Pupil review

Stephanie Williams Passed Her

Driving Test In Bolton - 23rd April 2019


I would highly recommend learning to drive with Ian. Every lesson was productive, well paced and Ian always gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed to develop new skills.


Ian was always calm and explained things really well, and had other tools such as the iPad driving programs and diagrams if I needed to be shown in different ways. 

I never felt rushed or pressured to do anything I wasn't comfortable to try. Ian was always open to questions and was happy to go over anything I was unsure of, more than twice if needed!

Ian was never late to a lesson and used the time slots to their fullest.


He is very easy to talk to and I enjoyed every single lesson.


Thanks so much for your coaching, you were a brilliant teacher and I will definitely recommend you to anybody who is looking at learning to drive :).

Miah Cole - Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - 10th April 2019


I passed my test first time with Ian's help.


He helped me feel comfortable and confident whilst driving. I would recommend Ian to anybody who would ask.


Right from the start I felt at ease learning with him and he was easy to get along with.


Ian's made his teaching understandable for me and Ian was always calm.


I was never let down with lesson times and we drove lots and didn't spend lots of time chatting but only did that when necessary.


I loved my lessons and I was so delighted that I passed today.

Jennifer Lok- Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - 12th April 2019

I really enjoyed my lessons with Ian because he's very friendly and makes me feel comfortable when driving.


Ian always made sure I understood what I needed to do and if I wasn't sure I felt that I could ask him.


He never let me down with lesson times and was flexible so he could fit me in around my schedule.


Ian used a reflective log system which he emailed to me each lesson. This is beneficial as it helped me look back at any mistakes so I know what to improve on next time. I read it before each lesson so I know what to work on.


I highly recommend Ian and I was delighted to pass my test today. 

Pupil Review
Parents review
Pupil Review

Zach Ryan - Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - 15th February 2019

My lessons with Ian were nothing less than insightful, enjoyable and fulfilling. I was finally able to pass my test today and I can wholeheartedly say that without Ian and his patience, knowledge and experience with new drivers like myself, it would not have been possible. 

From my experience, Ian was always on time for my lessons and always took time at the end of the lesson to schedule the next one,
which gave you not only the time of your next lesson but also time to reflect on your lesson on the day and try and progress and get better at driving. This is heavily helped by the reflective log style of reflection at the end of the lesson. These logs give you a chance to understand what you did during the lesson, how your skills have developed since last lesson and what you aim to achieve in the next lesson. I found this system of reflection very helpful. This system also encourages you to achieve more and helps you see just how far you progressed from your first lesson and helps put into reality just how much you have achieved. 

My mum initially saw Ian driving around town and suggested him to me and after checking out his website, she heavilly insisted that I give him a call. I can say that without a doubt, this decision was one of the best ones I have ever made and I suggest to anyone sceptical or just unsure about finding the right driving instructor that Ian is definitely that person and I can't recommend him enough. Thank you so much for your help Ian! 

A Parental Review - Mr Andrew Graham

Bolton - 6th February 2019


Our daughter, Alex, passed her test yesterday and we are all really pleased for her.


However, this wouldn't have happened without the expert (and that is meant in its truest sense) tuition, advice and support from Ian.


Ian's whole approach is based very clearly one that of coaching/mentoring and is evident from the fact that Alex enjoyed all her time driving with Ian; this has been consistent throughout her learning journey because it is clear that Alex has listened and learned.


Ian's whole approach is friendly and professional, and as parents we couldn't have asked for more. It has been a pleasure dealing with Ian when making arrangements for lessons etc and he has been very helpful through his accommodating approach to helping Alex.


To Ian, we would like to say a very big thank you for all that you've done for and with Alex!


If you are considering asking Ian to teach your son/daughter we would say don't hesitate, just contact him; you will be very pleased. 

Alex Graham - Passed her driving Test In Bolton - 5th February 2019

Ian is a great instructor and I really enjoyed my lessons. Ian was great at explaining things in a very simple way which made it easy for me to follow and remember what I needed to do.


He never let me down with lesson times and we always did a lot of driving during the lessons and the reflective log system that he uses really helped me because I always knew what I was going to do every lesson beforehand.


He is very calm when you do something wrong and always explains thoroughly why it has happened so I can put it right next time.


I was relaxed and never felt patronised or embarrassed for my mistakes.


I would highly recommend Ian to anyone looking for driving lessons in Bolton.


I passed my driving test today and I am so happy! Thank you so much👍

To read more reviews from local people, who have been taught personally by me, click the button below. 

As previously stated, all the reviews are a 100% genuine record of my students own driving lessons in Bolton with me. They are written in their own words, using their own thoughts and expressions, and posted here with their kind permission.

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