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 Bolton Driving Lesson Reviews 2015

All the reviews are 100% genuine, they are written in the students own words using their own thoughts and expressions. They detail the student's personal experience of having driving lessons in Bolton with me. They are posted here with their kind permission.

Pupil Review
Pupil Review
Pupil Review

Zsófia Rakmanyi - Westhoughton (2015)


"I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Ian at Road Light. He was always very calm and helpful. He explained things very clearly, that helped me a lot because English isn't my first language. He used a model car to explain steering and helped with a funny phrase to help me park the car. I'll never forget that. What really helped me was that Ian spent lots of time to help me understand how to plan ahead for whatever might happen on the road and this gave me confidence and helped me to drive safely. I'm delighted I passed my test with only two minors, which I wouldn't have been able to do without Ian's help. I'm recommending him to everyone who wants to learn to drive. He never let me down always turned up on time and gave good value lessons for my money. I loved my driving lessons in Bolton with Ian and so will you. Thanks Ian. :) "

Stephanie Cooper - Blackrod (2015)


"I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Ian! I was really nervous when I first started driving & I never thought I would pass, but I did first time and I am so happy!! Ian helped me by telling me not to worry & he gave me confidence to stay calm while I was driving.

He explained things well to me & helped me to improve & learn from my mistakes so I felt more confident.


I would recommend taking driving lessons with Ian as he is a great instructor & helps you, especially when you are nervous like I was.  Thank you so much for teaching me how to drive!"

Alex Fryer - Horwich Bolton (2015)


"Ian is a fantastic driving instructor! I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive, whether that be those who are starting out or those who have had poor experiences with other driving instructors.


He helped me overcome my fear of roundabouts and junctions and I now feel confident in all aspects of my driving.


Learning manoeuvres with Ian was a treat, which was not at all what I expected! Thanks Ian for giving me confidence and enabling me to pass first time!"

Pupil Review

Paivyn Lee - Bolton (2015)


"I would definitely recommend Ian as an excellent driving instructor. He explained things to me very thoroughly so that I really understood what I was meant to do, before I did them. If I wasn't sure of anything he would carefully explain again. He was always calm and reassuring and helped me control my nerves. He never let me down with lesson times and always arrived on time. He used things that would stick in my mind to help me remember things. For instance when learning how to park he told me about a wonky soldier. Ask him if you want to know what this is. Also he made me laugh with his description of the main beam symbol, he called it a blue jelly fish. I enjoyed every single lesson and always felt that I learned something each time. Ian assured me that I could pass the test and I'm ecstatic to say that I did it 1st time with only 2 minor faults. So if you are looking for a good driving instructor in Bolton please give Ian at Road Light Driver Training a call. I promise you won't regret it."

Pupil Review

Ayesha Adam - Bolton (2015)


"Ian is a fantastic driving instructor, he is always punctual and always in a good mood when he picks me up for my driving lesson. I have really enjoyed learning how to drive with Ian.


He made me feel very safe, confident and relaxed whilst driving throughout all my lessons. I feel that Ian is a very patient and honest instructor who brings out the best in his pupils.


I am so happy that I finally passed my test. I would definitely be recommending Road Light Driver Training to anyone who is looking for driving lessons in Bolton. Thank you Ian and a job well done"!

Pupil Review

Oliver Bromley - Bolton (2015)


"When deciding who to go with as regards driving lessons in Bolton, I wanted someone who was patient and had experience in driving instructing, and also a good pass record. I decided to learn with Ian and I’m really glad I did, and I would highly recommend choosing Road Light Driver Training.


He taught me not just how to pass my test but how to be a safe driver in the future too. He is a very professional driving instructor, friendly and makes learning enjoyable too. I’m really pleased I was able to pass my test in Bolton first time and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good driving instructor."

Pupil Review

Jamie Cummins - Bolton (2015)


"After searching around for driving lessons and driving instructors in Bolton, I came across Ian's website Road Light Driver Training, and was very impressed with the professionalism and friendly tone of the website.


After talking with Ian on the phone, I felt completely at ease with starting my lessons with him after a bad experience in the past.


I've found Ian thoroughly enjoyable to be taught by, friendly and calm and I feel confident with every part of my driving thanks to him. Ian's style of teaching is brilliant, he explains things carefully and precisely and makes you feel comfortable with learning. He is always on time, happy and understanding. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher & I will recommend him to everyone I possibly can. Thanks Ian!"

Pupil Review

Kofi Tobias - Bolton (2015)


"I'd had trouble driving safely and I had failed my test 4 times with my previous driving instructor.


After just 3 driving lessons in Bolton Ian was quickly able to identify the problems I was having and show me what I needed to do, to improve. I went for my test again and I am glad to say I passed 1st time with Ian.


He is very good at highlighting how to improve and I would be more than happy to recommend Ian and Road Light Driver Training to anyone looking for a driving instructor in Bolton.


My brother has signed up already! Thanks a lot Ian".

Pupil Review

Bimpe Kuti - Horwich (2015)


"If you are looking for a very good and patient driving instructor, I will definitely recommend that you contact Ian at Road Light Driver Training. Ian’s calm, encouraging, and positive attitude about driving greatly impacted on my success.


I can’t thank Ian enough for patiently guiding me through my lessons and being there for me during my test. He patiently used teaching methods that suited me. This helped me to improve on my driving skills. I'm delighted that I finally passed my test! So if you are in Bolton and are looking to book driving lessons with a driving instructor that will steadily boost your confidence and use simple but effective techniques to teach you to drive safely, then please contact Ian. Thank you once again Ian."

Pupil Review

Danny Wilkes - Bolton (2015)


"I couldn't wait to sign up for my driving lessons in Bolton. I chose Ian as my driving instructor because his driving school Road Light Driver Training had such great references left by his other pupils, and because I needed a driving instructor in Bolton that would always be happy to help with the things I did not understand. I needed a very experienced instructor who was very calm who would explain everything really carefully and not make me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Ian was always happy to help with the things I did not understand. He was very reassuring which helped, as I was extremely nervous. Ian is a true professional who is very reliable and his driving lessons were great value for money. So if you are looking for a really good driving instructor in Bolton I can highly recommend Ian to you. I am delighted to say that I passed my driving test first time today and I feel proper chuffed!!"

Pupil Review

Usmita Jethwa - Bolton (2015)


“I had many other driving instructors before Ian, he is so patient, and made sure I understood exactly what he was explaining to me.


Before I came to Ian I said that I no longer wanted to carry on learning to drive. Ian helped me to build my confidence and I passed my test today first time with Ian.


If you are looking for a really good driving instructor I definitely recommend Ian at Road Light Driver Training. Thank you so much Ian."

Pupil Review

Yerkaterina Ablard - Westhoughton (2015)

"Selecting the best available provider of any service is always very difficult. Selecting the best driving instructor is a big challenge, particularly when English is not your first language.


The gods must have been looking down on me when I was deciding which instructor to go with.


Ian at Road Light Driver Training has been so very tolerant kindly guiding me steadily towards my target of passing my driving test first time, as soon as I was actually fit to drive safely on today's busy roads."

Pupil Review

Luke Schofield - Bolton (2015)


I really enjoyed learning to drive with Ian at Road Light Driver Training. Ian was a fantastic instructor who always explained everything really well so that I could understand exactly what I needed to do.


Also I was really very nervous when I first started and Ian calmed me down by giving me some helpful but needed advice. He assured me that I shouldn't worry if I make a mistake as this was natural, but he helped me understand why I made the mistake, and how I should correct it, and that made me feel overjoyed and confident to try again.


I always felt confident that Ian would assist me without getting annoyed at me. I would definitely say he has high tolerance of things that go wrong.


He helped me so much, thankfully I passed my test today at Bolton test centre, and I only got two minors.


So if your looking for a really good driving instructor in Bolton, I would recommend you give Ian a call and find out for yourself. You will also have a fun but educational time.

Pupil Review

Rick Shaw - Bolton (2015)


"Ian has been an exceptional driving instructor. He's helped me to know how to drive safe, but also with skill. Very friendly, enjoyable lessons and great value for money! Very patient and understanding which helps when making mistakes and getting stressed out.


Very nice guy who's just great help in general! I'm delighted that I passed my driving test today at Bolton driving test centre. If you're looking for driving lessons in Bolton, go to Ian! Definitely the right driving school for anyone I think!"

Pupil Review

Conor Woods - Bolton (2015)


"I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Ian. Sure at the start I was nervous, but it didn't take me long to feel comfortable. Ian has a calm teaching manner and really helped me feel confident and settle my nerves. He kept reassuring me that it didn't matter if I made mistakes, what mattered was that I knew how to correct them. Ian was really good at explaining how I could could do that, he didn't use difficult methods of teaching, it was simple but effective. The training apps that Ian uses on the iPad were really useful, they gave me a real good idea of what I was about to do. I was worried about doing some of the manoeuvres, but Ian made them real easy to understand and achieve,


Also we didn't spend time driving around Bolton with no real purpose in mind, each of the lessons were well structured and I felt that each one had a goal for me to achieve. Ian also didn't just make us sit around chatting for ages wasting time, we drove a lot and I feel like I've got a real value for my money. I'm delighted that I passed my driving test today on my first attempt, and I will definitely be recommending Ian and Road Light Driver Training to anybody looking to have their driving lessons in Bolton."

Pupil Review

Robert Atkinson - Bolton (2015)


I loved my driving lessons with Ian at Road Light and, I'm so happy because today I passed my driving test first time, with no driver faults.


I had a great time with Ian and I enjoyed every lesson. At first, the thought of driving was very daunting to me, but Ian helped me gain confidence in myself with his patient attitude and brilliant teaching methods.


Ian used memorable phrases and diagrams that will stick with me forever, and help me to remain safe on the roads. He honed in on methods of teaching that really helped me personally to improve, and he tailored the lessons to suit what I most needed to work on.


I now feel confident and safe at all times on the road, and I don’t think that any other instructor offering driving lessons in Bolton could have been better for me. I will definitely be recommending Ian at Road Light Driver Training to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor in Bolton. Thanks once again Ian

Pupil Review

Sumaiya Kazi - Bolton (2015)


"I passed my test about 10 years ago but the thought of driving filled me with dread and I didn't drive.


Due to personal circumstances, it became necessary for me to start driving again. I booked some refresher lessons with Ian at Road Light Driving. He very quickly put me at ease. He is very patient and let me go at my own pace and always checked on how I was feeling, and we moved on only when I felt comfortable in doing so. He teaches in a very calm and friendly manner and my confidence increased from week to week. Ian teaches methods for parking that work on any car, which I found really useful.


I felt I could ask him anything and we would go over the same manoeuvre over and over till I felt I had got it right. I never felt pressured into doing anything I wasn't comfortable with. Ian is really encouraging and has really helped me improve my confidence in driving. If anyone is looking for a driving instructor in Bolton.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ian. Super."

Pupil Review

Michaela Prescott - Horwich (2015)


I'm delighted I passed my driving test this morning at Bolton Test Centre with only three minors!


I've really enjoyed my lessons with Ian , and he helped me overcome a lot of fears I had on the road.


I previously had another instructor but found the teaching techniques very difficult to remember, Ian showed me simple techniques and made driving a lot easier and more simple to understand.


Ian was very patient even when I struggled at first, he encouraged me to keep going, and he gave me my confidence back. I would strongly recommend Ian to anyone looking for driving lessons in Bolton.

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