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What Happens On Driving Test Day?

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Below is a thorough explanation of what you should expect on the day of your driving test. Also read the information on preparing for your driving test.

You would normally have a one hour driving lesson with your instructor before your test commences. Most likely during that lesson, you will drive around the area close to the Driving Test Centre. This will help you relax a little and give you time to review anything that you feel you need to go over before having to take your driving test.


If you have had your driving lessons in Bolton, then either you or your driving instructor would drive to the Test Centre which is on Weston Street in Bolton, your instructor will ensure that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your test commences, so that you don't feel rushed, and have a little time to sit down and prepare.

After parking up, your instructor will accompany you into the Test Centre to await an examiner. Toilet facilities and drinking water are provided should you require them. When the driving test examiners enter the waiting room, the examiner who will be conducting your driving test, will call out your name. He or she will then ask for your licence photo card, and you may also be asked to produce your Theory Test Pass Certificate.

You will then be asked to sign a declaration form stating that the vehicle you are using is insured for your use on the driving test. If you have taken your Driving Lessons in Bolton with me, and are using my vehicle for your test, then you can sign this without a problem as my car is fully insured for your use.

The driving examiner will then ask you if you would like your driving instructor to accompany you on the test. The choice is entirely yours, some pupils prefer to have their instructor present, others prefer them not to be there. If you do want your instructor to go with you, he or she will not be able to speak with you, whilst your test is in progress.

Happy Pupil
Happy Pupil
Happy Pupil

Next you will be asked to show the driving examiner to your car. On the way you will be asked to read a vehicle registration number (at about 20.5m or 67ft). This shouldn't be a problem as before you started your driving lessons your driving instructor will have checked that you could do so.


In the unlikely event that if you fail to read the number correctly on the day, the correct distance will be measured, and you will be asked to read it again. If you still can't read the number, you will fail the test and the driving test will not continue. You will need to have your eyesight re tested and obtain corrective prescription glasses before you can re book a new test.

After you have correctly read the number plate, the examiner will walk with you to your car. They might ask you to get into the car straight away or they might ask you to open the bonnet of the car, and answer one of the "tell me" questions, which you will have covered previously with your instructor. 


Once you have answered the question, the examiner will invite you to make yourself comfortable in the car while they note down the car's registration number and check the car's roadworthiness. If you ar not asked to open the bonnet you will be asked one of the tell me questions once in the car.

Once the examiner gets into the car, he or she will explain the rules of the test to you. Basically, you will be asked to follow the road ahead unless road markings or signs direct you otherwise. If you are required to turn off to the left or to the right, you will be given that direction in plenty of time, just as your driving instructor did when you were having your driving lessons in Bolton. If you do not hear or do not understand the direction given, simply ask the examiner to repeat it.

The driving test will last for approximately 45-50 minutes and cover roads in and around the Bolton area and may include driving on, urban roads, minor roads, main roads, dual-carriageways and country roads up to their national speed limits. You will be familiar with some or all of the roads as you may have driven on them during the course of your normal driving lessons in Bolton with me.


You will be expected to perform one of the set manoeuvres during the test. Either a pull up on the right, a forward bay park, a reverse park either in into a parking bay or on the road behind a parked vehicle, and possibly but not always, an emergency stop. All of these you will have practiced in different places during your during your driving lessons.

Several times during the test, you will be asked to stop in a safe place and then asked to simply drive away again. This might be on a hill, or from behind a stationary vehicle. This is to ensure the driving examiner is convinced that you act safely when doing so. Once again your driving instructor will have practised moving away safely during your driving lessons. At some point during your drive, the examiner will ask you one of the show me questions.

During the test the examiner will ask that you drive independently for a while. You may be asked to follow a pre programmed route on a navigation system, or a series of directions or road signs or a combination of both of them. Again you should have no problem doing this because during your driving lessons you will have practiced how to follow road signs to a particular destination either in Bolton or its surrounds.


As an example you might be asked to drive independently following the signs to Wigan, Blackburn or Bury.

At the end of the driving test, the examiner will ask you to switch off the engine. They they will then inform you as to your success or failure. if you have failed, the driving examiner will ask you if you wish to have any of the driving faults you incurred during your test explained to you.


I suggest you say yes to this, as it will explain the reason why you failed and  it will give both you and your driving instructor additional information which will help you to improve that aspect of your driving, in preparation for your next test.


If you've passed, you will be given a pass certificate and if the address on your licence is your current address, the examiner will ask if you would like them to send off your provisional licence, to exchange it for a full licence.


If your current addresses is different from the one on your licence, you must do the exchange yourself. In the meantime you can continue to drive on your own as you are a now a full licence holder.

Happy Pupil
Happy Pupil
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