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Prepare For Your Practical Driving Test in Bolton

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To help you to feel really confident about taking your practical driving test, you should ensure that you don’t leave all your practice until the last minute.


Think about increasing the number of driving lessons or the private practise you take, in the run up to your test date.


Leaving it too late might mean that I can’t fit in more lessons for you, and your opportunities to have private practice might be more limited. 


The more driving you do in advance of your test, the more confident you will feel when taking it.


For my part, I will of course try to ensure that your driving lessons in Bolton are scheduled at different times of the day, so that you are able to gain experience in different traffic situations.

Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until  you can't get it wrong!

It's important to have some morning and evening driving lessons. Driving at peak times around 9 am or around 5 pm when the traffic is heavier will really help to build your confidence to deal with whatever might happen on test day.

You will of course already have done some mock tests with me, to identify and iron out any problem areas and help you build confidence in your abilities.


You can read about exactly what happens on test day and how the driving test is conducted. Do you want to know what the top 10 reasons for failing the practical driving test are?

Some suggestions follow:-


Don’t tell everyone that you are going to take your driving test. Doing so just puts extra pressure on you. Wait until you’ve passed your test and then let everyone know just how well you did and then you can arrange a celebration.

You need to make sure that on the day, you are in the right frame of mind to take your driving test. So don’t stay out late the night before drinking alcohol.


My recommendation is to avoid alcohol the night before your test.


Avoid drinking large amounts of caffeine too as it will keep you awake when you really need to get a good sleep. Try to eat as normal on the day of your driving test, but don’t eat large meals just before, as this will tend to make you sleepy. I suggest you bring a chocolate bar or a banana to eat just before your test. This will to boost your blood sugar and serotonin levels, and will make you, feel more positive.

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Remember, that everything that you will be asked to do, you will have practiced many times with me during your normal driving lessons in Bolton.


Believe in yourself, if I didn’t think you could pass, I wouldn’t have suggested that you apply to take the test in the first place. Be assured that driving examiners are not Ogres, don’t believe all the urban myths. If you drive safely, you will pass your driving test. Its true that driving examiners don't speak to you very much during your driving test , but that’s because they want you to concentrate and don’t want to distract you.


So keep positive, believe in yourself take deep breaths and try and relax as much as possible.


If you make what you think is a mistake during the test, try to put it out of your mind, you need to concentrate on what’s happening ahead and not on what you have just done, as it may not be as serious a mistake as you think. Your driving lessons in Bolton will have prepared you well, so be confident and give it your best shot, drive safely and you will pass.


Further details about the driving test  Theory and Practical Driving Tests


If you need to try and find an earlier driving test, click the the following image to take you to a web site called Driving Test Genie. Register with them to have them continually search for an earlier test date for you.

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