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Do I Really Need A Driving Instructor?

Here are five factors that you might like to consider before deciding what's right for you. 

  • 9 out of 10 learner drivers who passed the driving test first time were taught by an approved driving instructor.


  • A parent or friend may not teach you correctly according to the DVSA standard required to pass the modern driving test.


  • Will you feel comfortable learning in a vehicle without the safety net of the dual controls fitted to all instructor training vehicles?

  • You will need to purchase insurance (which is a costly option) in order to drive with a family member or a friend. You will not need to purchase insurance if you are being taught by a driving instructor.

  • A qualified driving instructor will ensure that you learn to drive correctly and safely in line with the DVSA standard requirement.

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According to the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), to reach the driving test standard it will take around 45 hours of professional instruction, when an extra 20 hours of supervised private practice with a family member of friend is available to a learner.

So why not combine learning with a professional driving instructor & then practice what you've learned with a family member or friend.

Because simply put, the more you practice, the quicker you will learn. Always ensure that when practicing privately you put into practice what you are learning with your instructor.

A professional driving instructor will ensure that you learn correctly and in accordance with current driving test requirements.


Remember it may have been some years since your parents, or another family member or friend passed their driving test. You definitely don’t want to pick up weak or poor driving habits that may be hard to shift later. 

We all make mistakes when we learn a new skill. Learning to drive is no different. 

But in order to make good progress during your driving lessons, you need to know exactly what the mistakes were, and the reasons you made them, and then you need to know how to correct them before they become habitual. This ensures that you will make good progress each and every lesson. 


Don't expect to get everything right at first. It takes time. Mistakes are just part of learning.

During your driving lessons, you need to feel that you can make mistakes without being made to feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed. Your driving instructor knows that you will make mistakes. But how they deal with them will be very important to you if you are to make good progress during your own driving lessons.

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Learning to drive should be an enjoyable experience.

However ending up with the wrong driving instructor, or one that isn't particularly good at explaining things in the way that you need them explaining, will hinder your progress and prolong your lessons.

My suggestion is not to book a complete course of driving lessons to start with.

Your money may not be refundable if you decide that your instructor and you don't work together very well. Try having just one driving lesson with the instructor you choose, to ensure you'll be happy to continue having lessons with them.

When you have your first driving lesson with an instructor, take careful note of how it felt!


Did the driving instructor put you at ease, make you feel confident? Were you encouraged to ask questions, two or three times if necessary? Did you feel that you really learned something? Did you enjoy the lesson?

Did the driving instructor give you clear objectives at the start of the lesson?  

Was the lessons good value for money? Are you happy to continue? Such questions allow you to evaluate the lesson & the driving instructor & will assist you to make a more informed decision. Ending up with the wrong driving instructor, or one that isn't particularly good at explaining things in the way that you need them explaining, will hinder your progress and prolong your lessons.

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Choose your driving instructor carefully, take some time to think things through!

If you feel comfortable with your instructor you will progress quickly, and you'll enjoy the learning process. So if you're considering having your driving lessons in Bolton, call me, I'm more than happy to have a chat and answer any questions you might have, before you make your final decision.

Some of the larger driving schools post many pupil reviews! 

But they don't always say which instructor received those reviews. Will you be learning to drive with the instructor that merits positive reviews, or just the one who currently has space in his/her diary?

It's a driver’s responsibility (that's you if you are driving) to ensure that the car you use for private practice is fit for use on the road.

So if you are learning in a friends, or in a family car, ask whoever is supervising you to ensure that the tyres, brakes, lights etc are all working and that the car is safe and legal for you to drive. that when YOU are driving, the car is under YOUR supervision and so YOU risk a fine and 3 penalty points on your driving licence if you break the law. You are not exempt from these things just because you are a learner driver.

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Finally remember Driving Lessons in Bolton are not all the same, choose your  driving instructor carefully.

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