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Theory & Practical Tests

Bolton Driving Lessons with Road Light Driver Training

Arranging driving lessons in Bolton, is your first step to gaining your full driving licence. But before you take your practical driving test, you will first have to pass both a driving theory and a hazard perception test.


However you don't need to delay starting your driving lessons until you have passed the theory and hazard tests. You can study for both of them whilst you are having your driving lessons.


The Theory and Hazard Test currently costs  £23.00

The Practical Driving Test currently costs      £62.00


As well as the cost for the actual test you will need to pay your driving instructor for his time and the use of his vehicle.


Bookings for driving tests in Bolton or for any other driving test centre are not handled directly by the test centre. Bookings must be made either on line or via the telephone. A driving test should never be booked before first agreeing and confirming with your driving instructor.


The Bolton Theory Test Centre is located at -:

34 Queensbrook,

Bolton Technology Exchange


BL1 4AY.


To book on line for your driving theory test in Bolton click the link below.

Official DVSA Theory Test
Rip up your L plates

To book your practical driving test in Bolton you can either call the automated test booking line at the DVSA on 0300 200 1122. You can get to speak to someone if necessary by following the options given to you. Or you can book the test online.


To book on line for your practical driving test in Bolton, click the link below.


The Bolton Pactical Driving Test Centre is located on :-

Weston Street




Practical driving tests are conducted Monday to Saturdays. Weekend test fees are more expensive. Currently the costs is £75.00.


Should you need to cancel or reschedule your driving test you must do so at least 3 working in advance of the test date or you will lose your money.

Bolton driving test centre map location.

BE AWARE! - Ensure that you are book your driving theory or practical driving tests on the .gov website only.


Copycat websites offer to book theory and practical driving tests, and can appear to be the official agency, but charge a premium for their services. Some companies charge up to £30 for just booking a test, on top of the driving test fee itself. 

Click the following link to read  how your driving test will be conducted on the day.

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