If so you are not on your own, just the thought of taking driving lessons is very daunting to many people, although they would dearly love to be able to drive.


I completely understand such feelings and promise that I can help you to overcome your nerves.


When choosing driving lessons in Bolton its really important to find the right driving instructor to help you.


After all, getting along well with your instructor and feeling comfortable will assist you greatly as you learn.

Even qualified drivers can lose confidence and begin to feel anxious.


Perhaps because they have not having driven for some time, or maybe when they have to drive in unfamiliar areas, or on motorways. Some find just driving in heavy traffic to be a daunting experience. For others it might be that they get nervous when driving in the dark, in bad weather or when having to park or reverse etc.

So whether you are a qualified driver, or are only just considering having driving lessons in Bolton, please be assured that I can help you to overcome your nerves.


Maybe you've had driving lessons previously but gave up, because of nerves. Please remember that driving instructors are not all the same and choosing a different instructor may be all the help you need.


You don't need to be concerned about doing everything correctly at first, after all that's why you are having lessons. We all learn from the mistakes we make.


It's my job to calm your nerves, teach you what to do, & how to do it.


I will definitely keep you safe, grow your confidence and help you to overcome your nervousness and feelings of anxiety or panic. I take pride in my teaching and work hard to ensure that it is amongst the very best on offer.

So if you are feeling anxious or nervous about having some driving lessons in Bolton, or if you have experienced panic attacks in certain driving situations, please give me a call. 


Let's have a chat and see if together we can help you overcome those feelings. You are more than welcome to try just one driving lesson with me, with no obligation to continue if you don't feel that I am the right driving instructor to help you. 

If you are already having driving lessons in Bolton but are unhappy with your progress read this!