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Choosing The Right Driving Instructor!

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It's easy right, just do a Google search for driving instructors or driving lessons  in Bolton.

All you need to do then is to work through the list looking for the driving instructor with the cheapest driving lesson prices in Bolton. 


Well, it's one way to do it! But it's so very easy to mistakenly think that all driving instructors and their driving lessons are the same! But that's definitely not the case.

Like everyone else, driving instructors have differing personalities. They all have different skills and qualifications. Some are more highly qualified than others. 


Some are brilliant at what they do, others not so good at all, some are nice & friendly and sadly, some are not so easy to get along with.


Booking a driving lessons in Bolton
Whats the cost of driving lessons in Bolton.

Spending a few pounds more on quality driving lessons in Bolton could potentially save hundreds of pounds in the long run.


Finding a listing offering cheap driving lessons in Bolton may look good at first, but ask yourself, will cheap prices buy me quality driving lessons?


Have you worked out the financial commitment that's needed in order to learn to drive? Are you fully prepared to see it through to completion?

It doesn't make sense to start learning to drive and only then realise that it’s more expensive than you initially thought, and that it takes more of your time and commitment than you anticipated. Quality driving lessons in Bolton will get you to test standard much faster and also cost you less money in the long run.

So it’s really important to find the right driving instructor for the way you learn!

With the right driving instructor you will enjoy your lessons, you will fully understand what's required of you and you will progress quickly towards obtaining your full driving licence. 

Stopping and starting lessons makes learning to drive expensive, adding to your overall costs and to your stress levels.


If you do so, you will have to keep re capping all your earlier learning each time. So be prepared to see it through in one go. Plan to pass your theory test at the earliest opportunity too. It will assist you to make good progress in your practical driving lessons, as you will more easily link the theory and the practical experience together.


This will make your own driving lessons enjoyable and understandable and ensure that you make fast progress. Additionally the earlier you pass your theory test, the earlier you will able to apply and take the practical driving test, once you reach the required standard.

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It is a waste of your valuable time and money having driving lessons with a poor driving instructor, or even just one that you don’t get along with. 


If you don't find someone who is a really good teacher, someone who puts you at ease and makes things easy to understand, then you definitely won't look forward to your lessons, and will very likely make little or slow progress,. Eventually you will start to regret your choice and want to give up learning to drive all together. So choose your driving instructor carefully. If you aren't happy say so and make a change.

Learning to drive requires a good partnership between instructor and pupil. 

It also involves a substantial financial commitment, and a fair amount of time, effort, and study,  to pass both the theory and practical driving tests. If you and your driving instructor work well together, learning to drive will be a pleasure, not a pain. 

How quickly will you able to take your driving test? 

It really depends on you and how quickly you learn, but if you have been taught well by a good driving instructor, and are fully prepared for the practical driving test, there is no reason why it should take an extended period of time.


The DVSA quote on average 40 hours of training if additional private practice is available. However many students reach test standard much earlier. It all depends on the quality of the instruction you receive and your ability to process and apply it.

Driving Lessons in Bolton in an Audi Q2
Botton Driving lessons test pass.

When considering when to take your driving test, trust your driving instructors judgement.


After all if you trusted him to teach you to drive, you should have full faith in his judgements.

A good driving instructor wants you to pass as soon as is possible. It’s good for his reputation & for a continual supply of new pupils.


A good driving instructor will ensure you have the skills to pass your test at your first attempt.!

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"Many fail the driving test first time because they are not fully prepared and they over estimate their own readiness".

If in the days prior to your driving test you find yourself struggling with any aspect of driving practice, or you get overly concerned and make mistakes when you are driving in unfamiliar circumstances, then you are not ready for your driving test. If your driving instructor still has to assist you to remain safe, and under full control then you should not attempt the test.

A second test and even more lessons only add to your costs. So don't rush to book a test when you are not fully prepared.

You are going to be driving for many years, so get it right now and you will be a safe driver not just for now, but for all of your life. 

Driving lessons your road to success

So in summary, choose your driving instructor carefully, choose someone that you personally can work well with.


Choose a driving instructor carefully, someone who you will work well with and who is focussed on getting you to test standard as early and as safely as possible.

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.... because driving lessons are not all the same.

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