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Choosing high quality driving lessons in Bolton from a highly qualified driving instructor will save you money

and cost you far less in the long run, than many so called "cheap driving lessons !" 

Most driving instructors don't advertise their driving lesson prices online!

I do! Why?


Because I am not trying to hide anything from you! 

Learning to drive is not cheap thing to do, but purchasing quality driving lessons will give you real value for your money.  


I'm not pretending to offer "cheap driving lessons in Bolton", just to lure you in, only to find that my advertised prices are subject to strict terms and conditions.


Provisional  Licence Holders - Manual Driving Lessons In Bolton

1 x Hour Theory Lesson 


2 x Hour Driving Lesson 


10 x Hours Driving Lesson

(5 x 2 Hour Lessons Paid in Advance)


Full Driving Licence Holder - Confidence Building Driving Lessons

Old Lady
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1 x Hour Mature Driver Assessment 



2 x Hour - Refresher Driving Lesson - Parking or Confidence Building 


2 x Hour - Motorway Driving Lesson


3 x Hours - Advanced Driving Tuition 


The Pass Plus Course - For Newly Qualified Young Drivers 


Cheap driving lessons in Bolton, worth it?

Choose driving lessons that give you real value for your money! 

To get to the driving test standard quickly, you need to be taught well. So always seek out a highly qualified and locally recommended driving instructor.


When you are taught well, not only will your lessons be enjoyable, you will also spend less overall to learn to drive.


Don't choose a driving instructor based only on the price that they charge for their driving lessons.

Cheap lesson prices, sound great, at first! But think for a moment. If you were purchasing a mobile phone! Would you just select randomly from the cheapest ones available? I doubt it! I'm sure that you'd very likely consider the manufacturer, the build quality, its reliability, its features, and reviews on its performance? Do the same when choosing a driving instructor.

I passed my driving test with Bolton Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons Bolton Road Light Driver Training

...because driving lessons are not all the same!

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Driving schools that offer low-priced lessons, do so for a reason, it's to attract your attention. The cheap prices advertised are often only available for a limited time period, and strict terms and conditions are applied as to when and where you can take the lessons.

After an initially cheap price has been quoted, you’ll often be charged a higher hourly rate for ongoing lessons. You might also find that you end up spending quite a few of those driving lessons at the side of the road talking about driving, rather than actually driving.

Some driving instructors don't keep up to date with their own training and advancement once they have qualified, which may have been many years previously.


They may not be using the most up-to-date coaching and teaching methods to accelerate your learning. And you might find that you end up with chatting lessons rather than driving lessons and the instruction provided may fall short of the high standard that you were expecting. All this means that your progress takes longer and so you end up spending far more money in the long run.

If you choose one of the larger driving schools, you might find that you don't even get the same driving instructor each week, meaning your learning continuity will be interrupted!  

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Be aware that many of the larger franchised driving schools also allow trainee driving instructors, to give driving lessons. Trainees have not yet passed all of their qualifying exams.

So you may find that you are paying to have driving lessons, from someone who is still learning themselves! 


Always check that the driving instructor you choose has passed all three of the qualifying exams. You will know if they are fully qualified because they will be displaying a Green ADI licence badge in their tuition vehicle.

A driving instructor displaying a pink badge is not fully qualified. They are just training. Anyone not displaying a badge at all, may be teaching illegally.

Fully Qualified

Driving Instructor Badge

DVSA Certificate


Driving Instructors Badge

Trainee Instructors Badge

When choosing driving lessons in Bolton with Road Light Driver Training you can be assured that you are learning with a quality driving school. You will save money in the long run even if my hourly rate is higher!

Driving Lessons Bolton Road Light Driver Training

....because Driving lessons in Bolton are not all the same.