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It really is worth finding the driving instructor in Bolton that's just right for you and the way you learn.


You need to choose someone that you can relate too well, someone that you are going get along with and feel comfortable with as you learn. So don't skimp on spending a little more time to find the right instructor. Don't just choose the first instructor with availability or the instructor with the cheapest lesson prices. You are going to be learning a life skill which is going to be extremely valuable to you over many years. Choose wisely!

Having a full driving licence will provide you with:-

More employment opportunities.

Greater general mobility.

Increased life opportunities.

More social time.

A greater level of independence.

A higher level of convenience.

  • Don’t just choose the driving school which seems to offer the cheapest lesson prices, they will be cheap for a reason.


  • Ask friends or colleagues which driving instructor they chose, and whether they would recommend the instructor and if so,  why. Check that you will be taught by the same instructor each and every lesson.


  • Check the instructors reviews, and ensure that the reviews you read are for the driving instructor that will teach you.

  • Ask about the driving instructors Standards Check Grade. Since 2014 all driving instructors are assessed in 3 areas: lesson planning, risk management and teaching and learning skills.


  • After a Standards Check, Driving Instructors are graded A or B according to their skill level. Choose an instructor with an A grade as the result of their Standards Test indicates how effectively they teach people to drive.

  • My own Standards Check resulted in an A Grade as pictured.

  • Ask about the car you will be learning to drive in, and make sure that it's suitable for your needs.

  • It might be cost effective to block book, but always have a couple of driving lessons first to ensure that the instructor is just right for you.


  • Bolton driving lessons and driving  instructors are not all the same.

  • If you are unhappy with your Driving Instructor don’t be afraid to change.


  • Ask whether the instructor uses a training record and whether they support private practice.

Finally, choose an instructor who undertakes Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and one who has agreed to abide by the ADI Code of Practice scheme (CoP)

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