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  Driving Lessons Bolton-Reviews 2020/21 

Each review is from a student who had their driving lessons in Bolton and were taught personally by me. All are 100% genuine and fully verified!

They are displayed here with the kind permission of each student, using their own words and expressions. They detail their individual experiences of having driving lessons in Bolton with me.

Pupil review
Pupil Review
Pupil Review

Brandon Wilson - Passed His Driving Test In Bolton December 2021


Thank you to Ian Graham. He is a great driving instructor to learn from. He communicates extremely well with his pupils and is calm and collected.


Ian knows how to explain everything in good detail but also is easy to understand and very supportive to his pupils as he was with me.


I would highly recommend you learn to drive with Ian as you pay for quality teaching and a great learning experience 10/10.

Lauren Holt Had Refresher / Motorway Lessons in Bolton September 2021


I had 2 refresher lessons and 1 motorway lesson with Ian as I hadn’t driven for 3 years after I’d passed my driving test. 


I felt at ease the whole time and Ian was keen to ask me about areas of driving I didn’t feel so confident with so our lessons could concentrate on these areas. 


I would definitely recommend Ian to anybody looking for refresher and motorway driving lessons. 

Donna Capilitan - Passed Her

Driving Test In Bolton July 2021


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thanks to Ian Graham who made my practical driving test a success.


Ian is a calm and considerate driving instructor who gives constructive criticism for you to become a good and safe driver on the road. Ian uses different kinds of useful teaching strategy for his student to better understand and execute the driving manoeuvre in an effective and safe manner.


Highly recommended because you will definitely pass your test even if you initially have a zero driving skill.

Pupil review
Pupil review
Pupil Review

Beth Disley Had Refresher Driving Lessons In Bolton July 2021


DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! I approached Ian for refresher lessons after having not driven for around 6 years, and even 6 years ago when I last drove I was never a confident driver. I was very nervous about my refresher lesson but soon realised Ian tailored his lessons to make me feel at ease as he knew I was anxious.


He's calm and patient and when I was ready, I was driving on the motorway which I'd never done - considering the most driving i'd done in about 6 years was practising on some car parks, this was astounding to me and I'm so glad I went ahead with contacting Ian.


If you're in the same position as I was and are looking up reviews to decide on an instructor I would not hesitate to recommend Ian.

Carmen Tomkinson Had A Refresher Driving Lesson in Bolton May 2021


I booked a refresher lesson with Ian as after a period of not driving I wanted to refresh my skills and build my confidence.


Ian immediately put me at ease and was a patient and kind instructor, taking the time to explain things fully to me.


He also told me he did not think I require another lesson which I thought was very honest - he could have just let me book and pay for one unnecessarily.


I feel much more confident after my lesson and I would definitely recommend Ian as an excellent instructor.

Darrell Hughes - Had A Driving Instructor Training Lesson

 In Bolton - 7th May 2021


Cannot recommend Ian highly enough, he was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable in helping me pass my ADI part 2 driving test in Bolton.


His calmness, knowledge, experience were invaluable. If I lived in the Bolton area I wouldn’t hesitate to have Ian teach my children to drive. Thank you.

Pupil review

Ellie Ratcliffe - Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - 12th August 2020


I can’t thank Ian enough for giving me the skills, knowledge and ability to pass my driving test first time! 

Ian is such a calm, kind and friendly instructor. He’s always on time for lessons.


The quality of driving lessons are fantastic, as he explains everything so clearly and thoroughly, including mistakes I made and what to improve on and what I did well, and he was willing to answer the same question no matter how many times I asked, and go over things as many times as I wanted until I felt comfortable with it. 

The reflective logs at the end of each lesson were great as they helped me prepare for my next lesson and reminded me of what I did well and what I needed to improve on. 

I always felt relaxed and Ian always encouraged me and gave me a confidence boost when I felt I was struggling.


I would highly recommend Ian for anyone looking to do driving lessons in Bolton, he is brilliant. I’ll miss our Saturday morning lessons. Thank you Ian.

Pupil Review
Pupil Review

Tian Wardle - Passed Her Driving Test

In Bolton - 4th September 2020.


FANTASTIC - First of all I want to say a BIG thank you to Ian for teaching me and helping me pass first time. I doubted that I would pass because I don’t particularly enjoy driving but I knew it is a great thing to learn as well as a huge accomplishment on my part.

Ian was very patient with me and when I made mistakes he didn’t get annoyed even if I kept doing the same mistake, he just calmly explained where I was going wrong and how to correct it, by showing me the right way to do it which was very helpful.

I’m someone who likes to be shown how to do manoeuvres not just told. So I liked that Ian will do a demonstration to show how to drive safely and the way it was done stuck in my head - so coming to a stop at a red light you would do mirrors, brake, clutch, roll and then decide the gear to use. This helped on my test as I just needed to remember this and I would be okay. So when it was my test, just before Ian gave another short demonstration which helped me to recap everything.

Ian answered all my questions no matter how silly they were and what I should probably know. And if I didn’t understand something he would just keep explaining until he had make sure that by the end of it I understood. I would definitely recommend, as Ian is so reliable and although driving can be scary he is calming, which helps a lot especially when you go in for your test. :).

Dimitra Diamantopoulou - Had Refresher Driving Lessons In Bolton December 2020


I can't thank Ian enough for helping me gain confidence driving in the UK.


Having had an accident 3 years ago stopped me from driving and getting back to it made me really nervous. Adding to that, I learned how to drive outside the UK which made things more challenging for me.


Ian helped me gain my confidence back by being very patient, explaining everything in detail and making sure I felt comfortable with the pace of our lessons.


I also had a motorway session which helped me tremendously.


I would highly recommend you to book your refresher lessons with Ian!

Pupil Review
Pupil Review
Pupil Review

Tom Stokes Had Refresher Driving Lessons in Bolton - February 2020


Ian is a great instructor, he was a great help in getting my confidence back after not driving for 7 years.


Ian allowed me to get back into driving at my own pace, offering advice and guidance when I was struggling to remember manoeuvres such as roundabouts and clutch control. Ian's use of diagrams and easy to understand guides allowed me to get back into the swing of things extremely quickly.


The fact that I was able to go from struggling with clutch control to driving on the motorway in only three lessons is a testimony to Ian's skill in teaching. Ian was always patient when I made mistakes and was willing to repeat things over and over until I had them down.


I have had three driving instructors over the course of my time driving and I can say that without a doubt Ian is one of if not the best driving instructor around.

Hannah Papaionnou Had Refresher Driving Lessons Bolton February 2020


I undertook refresher lessons with Ian after not driving since passing my test 5 years ago and I can honestly say it was the best thing I have done. I lacked confidence and had a lot of anxiety around driving,


Ian really understood and got to the root of my problems and allowed me to understand why I was feeling the way I was. He was very calm and relaxed which made me feel the same.


He also let me go at my own pace but also challenging me each lesson to make sure I felt a real sense of achievement. I always felt that the lessons were going at my own pace and Ian really helped to boost my confidence in my own judgement.


My confidence has definitely increased and I don’t feel the same anxious feeling that I had when getting into my car. I would encourage anyone thinking of doing it to just do it, I wish I had done it sooner. Thank you Ian for helping me, I am extremely grateful!

Miah Cole Had A Motorway Driving Lesson February 2020

After passing my driving test I had an additional lesson on the motorway.


Ian helped me to gain knowledge and confidence in driving on the motorway safely.


We drove on three different motorways and service stations for experience.


I enjoyed my lesson and I now feel comfortable enough to drive on the motorway.

Pupil Review
Pupil review
Pupil Review

Laura Tickle Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton 3rd January 2020

I can honestly say that Ian has got to be one of the best driving instructors in Bolton. 

Ian is very friendly and is always willing to help no matter how many times you ask the same question; even so Ian will always try to find an alternative way to teach you. 

His reflective logs at the end of every lesson are extremely useful as it allows you to go back and refresh your memory on how to do something e.g. a manoeuvre. 

Ian is very reliable as he is always on time, if not early, and lessons are always spent driving and perfecting skills not just pulling over and talking. 

I would highly recommend Ian to anyone looking for driving lessons in Bolton.

Tuesday Holder  Had a Refresher Driving Lesson in Bolton 9th January 2020 


Ian is a calming and excellent instructor.


I spent a few hours to refresh my driving skills as I lacked confidence.


I now feel like I have simple but crucial knowledge and practical skills thanks to Ian.


No time was wasted. Highly recommend for any driver who wants to feel safer and more confident.

Mohammed Iqtifan Passed His Driving Test In Bolton 16th January 2020

Can’t thank Ian Graham enough for helping me pass my test from first time can’t believe it.


l made it easily - I was so nervous to start to learn to drive on his brand new car .

Ian made me feel very relaxed, helped me to change my bad driving habits and was extremely patient with me the whole time, advising me using his fantastic way with professional technicians on his iPad to explaining the mistakes.


I would recommend him to anyone across Bolton .

I will miss my lessons and your beautiful smile Ian . thank you so much !!!

To read more reviews from local people, who have been taught personally by me, click the button below. 

As previously stated, all the reviews are a 100% genuine record of my students own driving lessons in Bolton with me. They are written in their own words, using their own thoughts and expressions, and posted here with their kind permission.

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