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Bolton Driving Lessons Reviews - 2017

Bolton Driving Lessons with Road Light Driver Training

Reviews are from individual students who had their driving lessons in Bolton, and were taught personally by me in 2017.

All the reviews are 100% genuine, they are written in the students own words using their own thoughts and expressions. They detail the students personal experience of having driving lessons in Bolton with me. They are posted here with their kind permission.

olton David Eckersly.

David Ekersley Had A Refresher Driving Lesson In Bolton - January 30th 2017


I had a 2-hour Refresher lesson from Ian Graham, of Road Light Driver Training. The experience was excellent as a result of Ian's skilful and professional mixture of practice and tutoring.


Ian's training session was adapted to my needs: such as regaining confidence in urban driving, parking comfortably, and providing a smoother ride for my passengers.


My overall impression was that the two hours has been well spent for me.

Driving Lessons Bolton Darryl Connell Driving Test Pass.
Driving Lessons Bolton Alina Sohor Driving Test Pass.
Driving Lessons Bolton Simon Tsang Driving Test Pass.

Darryl Connell Passed His Driving Test in Bolton - 3rd May 2017


"Ian is a fantastic instructor very friendly and a pleasure to learn from. He teaches to the highest possible standard. Highly, highly recommended!

Always turned up on time, never late and never let me down. He is very understanding and easy to get on with too.


Ian used modern equipment/techniques which helped even more. Ian's 'reflective log' system is really great and really helped me. Had a blast on my driving lessons in Bolton, Ian makes the whole process very enjoyable.


I could go on and on, you are in great hands when you train with Ian. 10 out of 10! So happy to say that I passed my test first time today!!

Alina Sohor Passed Her Driving Test  In Bolton - 20th March 2017

"Ian is a nice and friendly guy, an amazing driving instructor I would definitely recommend!


I worried at first cause English is not my first language but Ian made every our lesson comfortable for me and enjoyable. He explains in a simple and understandable way which makes you learn all fast and right.


What is also important with Ian at Bolton Driving Lessons you get a warm and comfortable good car. Ian was never late on our lessons and was always in a good mood.


I know that every penny I spent on my lessons with Ian are worth it, he always believed in me, and that’s why I past my test from the first time!! Everything was just good!"

Simon Tsang Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - 2nd March 2017.

"I enjoyed my Bolton Driving Lessons. Ian was a great driving instructor; you get more than what you pay for when you learn from him.


He didn't just help me pass my test but improve me to become a better and safer driver, he also give his advanced driving skill and technique in the lesson to help me improve my driving to a higher standard.


Ian explains or illustrates things very well so I can understand and pick it up very quickly.


He is always early at my place as he leaves plenty of time through his schedule. I would recommend Ian at Road Light Driver Training because you will get 110% value for what you are paying for."

Driving Lessons Bolton Zoltan Balla Driving Test Pass.
Driving Lessons Bolton Daniel Parker Driving Test Pass.
Driving Lessons Bolton Jason Nuttall Driving Test Pass.

Zoltan Balla Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - 24th May 2017


"I enjoyed my driving lessons with Ian. I am learning so many things I didn't know and now I know them well. I am Hungarian man and English not my first language so Ian was easy and kind and helpful in careful explanation. If I not understand well he explain again. I'm very happy.


I am so happy today I pass my driving test first time.


I am going to tell others to have lessons I will very much recommend Ian. He is very good instructor and you should try for yourself anyway. I give him top marks always."


Daniel Parker Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - 19th May 2017


"Great instructor, would recommend!


I really enjoyed my driving lessons in Bolton with Ian. Ian made me feel comfortable and well prepared for every lesson, always willing to explain everything until I understood it correctly."

Another first time driving test pass for Road Light Driver Training!

Jason Nuttall Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - 4th August 2017

"Ian was very professional.


He answered all my questions had a calm manner and was always punctual.


I couldn't have asked for a better instructor.


Thank you. Jason Nuttall"

Driving lessons in Bolton are over and another first time pass for Road Light Driver Training.

Driving Lessons Bolton Shannon Jackson Driving Test Pass.
Driving Lessons Bolton Sarah Towers Driving Test Pass.
Driving Lessons Bolton Charlie Mynett Driving Test Pass.

Shannon Jackson Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - 11th August 2017

"I took my driving lessons in Bolton with Ian at Road Light and I passed at my first attempt today. I can't express how grateful I am. Ian has been so helpful and filled me with so much confidence in my driving. He was always happy to help with my theory questions and gave me constant feedback throughout my time with him.


He always turned up on time for my lessons and was never late. His lessons were really good value, we spent loads of time driving, and not just sitting and talking. Ian gave me feedback at the end of every lesson in a reflective log which he e mailed to me, so I could re read it before my next driving lesson. I always knew what to work on each lesson, we always had a plan and a goal to achieve. I'd thoroughly recommend Ian's instruction. I'm giving him 5 gold stars!"

Sarah Towers Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - 16th September 2017

"I left learning to drive until I started University so was looking for a driving instructor in Bolton who could accommodate the fact I was absent during term time and back for holidays. Because of this disjointed schedule I have been learning over an extended period of time and so wanted a teacher I would also enjoy having lessons with!


I have never regretted choosing Ian as he has been a wonderful instructor, helping me to not only become a safe driver with an in-depth working knowledge of how the roads work, but also a really confident driver. Ian helped me to progress quickly despite the fact I was often away for large periods of time and he always did his very best to fit in lessons around when I was available. My sister is also learning with Ian and I couldn’t recommend him enough. I'm looking forward to taking Motorway lessons with Ian in the future!"

Charlie Mynett Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton 17th October 2017

"Ian took me on with only 6 weeks to get me ready for my driving test. I had failed my theory test five times and also had failed my driving test with my previous instructor.


Ian is so calm and reassuring, my confidence grew and grew.


I am pleased to say that I passed my test first time in just 6 weeks with Ian, and with only 5 minors!!! Ian is amazing!!

Looking forward to my Motorway Lessons



Driving Lessons Bolton Corlyn Lee Driving Test Pass.
Driving Lessons Bolton Alex Debney Driving Test Pass.
Driving Lessons Bolton Rachel Towers Driving Test Pass.

Corlyn Lee Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - 23rd October 2017

"I had tried several other driving instructors before starting with Ian and he is by far the best instructor I have had.


Ian is very patient and friendly. I felt very comfortable asking him questions or being honest about any difficulties I was having.


I found it difficult to judge how to react in different situations and Ian was good at coming up with different ways to explain it to me using little lego cars or an app on his ipad. Ian also has a very good knowledge of the test routes and took me to difficult areas before the test to point things out to me.

Ian was always punctual and kept a log of my progress throughout the weeks which was helpful so I could look back and see what I had done previously. Ian was also very helpful scheduling lessons around when I was home from uni in advance. He was very efficient dealing with money and booking all the lessons that I had paid for.

I highly recommend Ian as a driving instructor especially if you would like to have a little chat while driving around. A Big thank you to Ian for helping me pass my test!"

Alex Debney Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - 25th October 2017


"I've really enjoyed my lessons with Ian. Ian has helped me become really confident with driving and has always made sure I've had regular lessons.


His feedback has always been really clear and helped me to improve all different aspects of my driving.


Ian has always been really good at communicating with me responding quickly to any texts I've sent him.

The lessons had a good pace making sure I got feedback but plenty of time for driving. Ian has always explained things really well and made me feel safe and comfortable whilst driving and preparing me well for my test.


Ian's, system of sending me a reflective log at the end of each lesson which we discussed helped me to prepare for my next lesson as I didn't forget the things I needed to improve and I could look back on them after lessons.


I'd definitely recommend Ian to anyone who is looking to learn to drive."

Rachel Towers Passed Her Driving test In Bolton - 1st December 2017


"I started lessons with Ian after recommendation by my sister, I hadn’t bothered to research for any other instructors because she had been so effusive about him! I understood why when we began lessons, he was such a patient and friendly instructor.


I never once felt patronised or stressed, which some of my friends had done with other instructors. I felt relaxed and like I could talk through situations which confused me or found frustrating without Ian judging me. In lessons he also used his iPad to explain certain scenarios which made it very easy to understand what to do. Ian’s system of sending me a log of what we had done after each lesson was really helpful in showing me which aspects I needed to improve, but also showed me how much progress I was making; it was very encouraging and constructive.


Ian was also very professional and it was obvious that he really cared about accommodating his pupils as best he could. He was very efficient at responding to my texts and I never felt ‘messed around’ by unclear communication. Once he even gave up his lunch time, so I could squeeze in a lesson on my weekend home from University. He was always on time to every single lesson and the quality of my whole experience with him has been outstanding. I could not recommend him enough. Thanks, Ian!"

Driving Lessons Bolton Heather Preston Driving Test Pass.

Heather Preston Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - 25th January 2018

Ian was my 2nd instructor - I couldn't of passed  without him.


I passed my test comfortably and confidently and couldn't have done it without Ian's help.

Ian was always punctual, patient and can adapt his teaching to each individual.


I couldn't recommend anyone better.

Driving Lessons Bolton Monifa Lindo Driving Test Pass.

Monifa Lindo Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton - 13th Dec 2017


"I had tried several other driver instructors before finding Ian and they left me not wanting to drive.


My confidence was knocked and I didnt enjoy taking my lessons.


Since being with Ian my confidence and driving grew.


Ian is calm, patient and professional. I made real progress and passed first time.


I would be very happy to recommend Ian."

Driving Lessons Bolton Dillon Kay Driving Test Pass.

Dillon Kay Passed His Driving Test In Bolton - 11th December 2107


"Ian is a very friendly driving instructor and very easy to get a long with. He made the lessons easy to understand, and if at any time I wasn't sure, I felt fine asking him to explain things in a different way.


He was never late for my lessons and mostly he was early. From my first lesson Ian got me driving, and we always did lots of driving each lesson.  We only stopped when he had to explain something new, or to discuss how I could improve what I’d just done. I have already recommended Ian to a friend and some family members.


You will not be disappointed if you choose to have lessons with Ian. So give him a call and find out for yourself. I took my driving test with Ian today and passed First Time. Thank you so much Ian."

Read more reviews from students, who have been taught by me, click the button below. 

As previously stated, all the reviews are 100% genuine, and are written by my own pupils in their own words, using their own thoughts and expressions, and posted here with their kind permission.

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