Are You Considering Having A Refresher Or An 

 Advanced Driving Lesson?

I specialise in confidence building,  refresher and advanced driving lessons in Bolton.

Bolton Driving Lessons with Ian Graham Road Light Driver Training

Perhaps it's some time since you have driven a car and you now need to start driving once again. Some apprehension is quite normal. I specialise in assisting qualified drivers to regain confidence and get back out onto the roads.

Or perhaps after passing your own driving test, it may be some time since you have driven regularly on your own and so you might not currently feel confident that you still have the skills that you were taught. 


But with professional tuition, in just a few hours, these skills can be rekindled and your confidence can be restored.

Additionally, after having driven for many years some older drivers may wish to have their driving assessed to ensure that they are still safe and up to the challenges of modern driving. Often having a short driver assessment lesson can reassure concerned family members that you continue to be safe behind the wheel.


A Mature Driver Assessment is ideal for this situation.

The  DVSA driving test is only the most basic level of competence required to drive on today's busy roads!

Many qualified drivers readily admit that they would not pass the driving test if they had to take it again. What about you, do you try to avoid driving at busy times, or driving on the motorway? Many drivers do. What about parking or driving at night etc? 

Ask yourself honestly, do you always remember to check blind spots, and correctly use mirrors and indicators when driving? 

Do you position & signal correctly every time? How about keeping a safe following distance, is that something you always do? Driving is one of the most hazardous things we do on a daily basis, & yet so many drivers give very little thought to, it once they have passed their test.


A refresher driving lesson is based on the current DVSA syllabus for learner drivers.

It will help you to understand how you currently drive and give you an idea of any particular areas of your driving that might need improvement. Maybe you just need a little help with confidence, parking or perhaps with some motorway driving etc.


Drivers often say “well I haven’t had an accident so I must be safe”.  Is that the case or have such drivers just been fortunate?


They may not have had an accident but what about near misses or apologies they’ve had to make because of their driving errors.

Advanced Driver Training

I also provide intensive, and bespoke driver training for drivers that wish to increase their driving skills above the basic level needed in order to pass the DVSA driving test. This training will be needed by drivers planning to take the RoSPA Advanced Driving Test.


Some employers may also require a candidate to have a RoSPA qualification to drive their company vehicles.

The RoSPA test is considered the most advanced and challenging advanced driving test open to the public.


The test lasts around 60-80 minutes. Examiners are serving or retired Police officers. At the end of the test a qualifying RoSPA Advanced Driver will be graded as receiving either, Bronze, Silver or Gold standard.


To remain a member of RoSPA, the advance driving test will have to be re-taken every 3 years.

The 3 RoSPA grades are awarded as follows.

Gold. Only awarded to the driver who shows a consistently high standard of driving throughout the test. The driver will demonstrate confidence in their ability together with a thorough understanding of the principles contained in Roadcraft and how to apply those principles to situations that occur during the test.

Silver. Awarded to candidates who display a skill level well above the average. They will show a thorough understanding of the principles contained in Roadcraft and how to apply those principles to situations that occur during the test. The driver will make safe systematic progress however not demonstrating the consistency, final polish and smoothness of the Gold grade candidate.


Bronze. Awarded to those candidates who show that they have an understanding of, and the ability to apply, the principles of advanced driving, demonstrating a good level of observations and anticipation, but not doing so consistently throughout the test. They will, however, drive in a safe, legal manner, to a standard which is significantly above that required to pass the appropriate DVSA test.

Why not give me a call and bring your driving skills up to date! Individually structured lessons can be tailor-made, just for you and your requirements.


 A Pass Plus Course may be appropriate to help increase driving skills for newly qualified young drivers. 

Remember safe driving is a skill for life. Make sure your skills are the best they can be.