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 Bolton Driving Lessons - Reviews 2024/23

All the following reviews are from students who had their driving lessons in Bolton with me and passed their driving test in 2023/24 They are displayed here with their kind permission.

The following reviews are 100% genuine, and can be fully verified.

They are posted here 'just as they were written' using the students own words and expressions!


Ethan Brown Passed His Driving Test In Bolton May 2024

Ian was a brilliant instructor for me, as I have had 2 other driving instructors before him and they were not teaching me in the way that I needed and I always felt like they were talking down to me instead of guiding me to help me understand what I needed to do, they were just telling me even if I didn’t understand what they meant.


Ian was different and we would talk about what I was struggling with and he would find a way to explain it in the way I can, understand. Then he would ask me to explain it back and then we would have a go and would ask how I felt and what I wanted to try, to get things right. Ian always made me think about how I could improve myself rather than just telling me to do things.


Ian never let me down with lessons time was never wasted every lesson was a productive lesson. Today I passed my test first time and would highly recommend him as an instructor who really cares about his pupils and understands what people need to help them to also pass. I will definitely be having motorway lessons with Ian as all lessons are fun. 

Thank you Ian for everything I couldn’t of done it without you.

Jasmine Makwana driving test pass
Callam Attaoui.jpg
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Jasmine Makwana Passed Her Driving test In Bolton May 2024


My mum chose Ian as my driving instructor after reading his reviews and his qualifications.


I can honestly say that I enjoyed my lessons with Ian and he made everything understandable. I always felt confident enough to ask Ian if I didn’t understand, and he would find a way to explain it differently so that I would.


He never got angry or shouted at me, but he always remained calm and he built up my confidence. He remained flexible to fit in with my schedule and he never let me down with lessons and was always on time/early.


I felt confident when I went for my test, and I passed first time. I would highly recommend Ian for anyone looking to drive.


Thank you so much for your help Ian

Callam Attaoui Passed His Driving test In Bolton March 2024


I had two other driving instructors before I started with Ian, and I can honestly say I found Ian to be better than the other two.


I found he was calmer and patient, explaining things well to me. I felt comfortable enough to ask him questions on things I was unsure about.He was good at picking up on where I needed to make improvements and this helped me make faster progress and grow in confidence.


He also never let me down with lesson times and was very punctual. I feel as if it was value for money.


I passed my test with my first attempt and would recommend Ian to anyone looking for instructors in Bolton.

Thanks, Ian. Callum.

Parental Review- Gillian Mc Donald for Callum Attaoui March 2024


Both myself and my son passed with Ian an absolute brilliant instructor. My son had actually used other instructors prior to my recommendation as he wanted to start quickly and Ian was fully booked (no wonder).


I highly recommend waiting as after his first lesson with Ian he came home and told me he was so much better than other instructors and had fully explained everything to him so he understood everything clearly, he felt he had been taught more in one lesson than the many others previously and following his lessons he had a first time pass! 


Thanks so much Ian

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Phoebe Soulsby.jpg
Driving Test Pass Certificate_edited_edi

Phil Jackson Passed His Driving Test February 2024

Ian has been an exceptional driving instructor for me, leading to me passing my test confidently this week. Having had lessons with another instructor in the past but been unable to pass the test, I was reluctant to try again.


Ian worked closely with me to develop all the required skills so that on test day, I felt genuinely confident I'd be able to handle anything that would come up. His calm and friendly manner made lessons a pleasure, and something to look forward to.


As a 'mature' student (in my 30s) I felt my needs were carefully considered just as I'm sure they would be for younger drivers.


Every penny spent on my tuition was worth it.


Massive thanks, Ian!

Phoebe Soulsby Passed Her Driving Test In Bolton February 2024


lan is an amazing instructor. He is calm, patient and after every lesson, he would provide feedback through a reflective log to help me with my development of driving and also gave me goals for my next lesson.


lan gave advice and guidance on how I could improve my driving and he patiently guided me step by step when doing manoeuvres until I felt confident enough to complete on my own.


He also allowed me to progress at my own pace and when I wasn't confident enough in one part of my driving, we would focus on that part in a lesson.


I progressed really quickly and after just 18 lessons Ian said I was ready for my test, which I passed at my first attempt with no minor faults!


I can't recommend lan enough, one of the best driving instructors in Bolton.

Parental Review - Clare Soulsby

 Phoebe Soulsby - February 2024.


I couldn't recommend Ian highly enough.


Ian's calm, patient and methodical approach really shines through in his teaching and our daughter progressed amazingly well under his tutorship.

Ian made her feel relaxed and gave her confidence in her own ability to be able to drive and to drive well.


Even now after passing her test her standards have remained high and we have full confidence in her ability which has come through the efforts of Ian high standard of teaching.

Ian is an excellent instructor and I would recommend Ian wholeheartedly


Driving Test Pass Certificate
Emily Scully.jpg
Jack Green. passes his test with Road Light Driver Training

Maddison Clegg Passed Her Driving Test 1st Time In Bolton December 2023


When doing my lessons with Ian, every week he had pre planned and structured the lesson and would make sure he had told me in the previous lesson what would be the aim of the next lesson.

Ian was patient and understanding with different ways people learn and really helped me build my confidence with learning to drive.

I would definitely recommend Ian.


Claire Clegg (Madison's Mum)

wrote the following:


The communication with lan was fantastic from the first email to book lessons for my daughter.

He was punctual and professional. His lessons were well structured and my daughter progressed quickly. If he needed to change a lesson he gave plenty of notice and helped to find test dates.

He was not the cheapest instructor we found but he was certainly worth the money. He was more than happy to chat through what they had been doing at the end of lessons and keep me up to date also.


I would definitely recommend.

Emily Scully Passed Her Driving Test 1st Time in Bolton - November 2023


Ian has been an amazing driving instructor. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. He is patient and kind.


I am someone who struggles with anxiety and he was calm and reassuring when I made mistakes, and always has a tissue ready if I needed it. He was very helpful at controlling my nerves on test day. I liked that he would show me what to do first, and he would talk through what he was doing as we drove around. 

Ian never let me down, he was very reliable and he would arrange lessons around my busy schedule.


I would definitely recommend Ian as a driving instructor, if I was to do it all over again I would pick Ian because he stands out as a very special driving instructor and prepares you well to pass your test first time. I can’t thank him enough for his patience and understanding. 

Thank you Ian.

Jack Green - Passed His Driving Test 1st Time in Bolton - September 2023


Ian Graham is a Fantastic Instructor! Very patient and knowledgeable, it is very evident from the get go that you are with an instructor with the background and experienced training to get you passed your test and beyond!


I passed first time with (0 Minor Faults) and this is due to the quality of training I received from Ian.


Thank you Ian and all the best going forward! Hope to see you out and about on the roads very soon.

Ryan Grey passes his test with Road Light Driver Training
Pupil Review Road Light Driver Training
Pupil Review from Gideon

Ryan Grey - Passed His Driving Test First Time In Bolton August 2023

Passed my test 1st time.


Great instructor took 32hrs lessons and passed with 2 minor faults great to learn from & I recommend Ian definitely.

Arabella Thompson - Passed Her Driving Test 1st Time In Bolton - June 2023


I decided to use Ian after reading his incredible reviews and seeing his first time pass rate. I had previously been using a different instructor but felt we weren’t making progress at a good rate.


The lessons were so different to my previous experience- learning both theory, technique and building confidence. Ian didn’t have an easy ride with me (pun intended!), he’s regularly had to pass me the tissues when I’ve got upset with myself.


He’s been great company, a huge confidence builder but moreover a great teacher. I’m pleased to say I managed to keep up your winning streak of first time passes by passing today! Thank you for your support, endless supplies of tissues and patience!


Thank you again Ian (I hope you slay the day away!).

Gideon Olabinri - Passed His Driving Test 1st Time In Bolton June 2023


Ian is a very patient instructor. He was very friendly and carefully told me what I needed to know, and I could ask him anything as regards driving and he was very willing to assist.


He was always on time for each class which I really appreciated.

I passed the driving test at the first try with zero faults.


I would recommend lan for anybody.

Pupil Review Road Light Driver Training

Lara Gibbins - Passed Her Driving Test 1st Time In Bolton In May 2023


Brilliant driving instructor, I did lessons and passed first time.


When Ian couldn't make it to my test, he organised another instructor (friend as well) with the same kind of car to take me on my test and helped me in anyway he could.


Ian was so patient, understanding and amazing.


I would really recommend using Ian's driving school if you want to pass quickly.

Pupil Review Road Light Driver Training

Nazma Hussain - Passed Her Driving Test 1st Time In Bolton In May 2023


Before starting with Ian, I wasn’t confident in driving. There was many times where I felt as thought driving an manual car was not for me so I should take up learning with an automatic, because I had an instructor who made me doubt myself.


I found and chose Ian after reading so many good reviews about him, and I instantly thought I should try learning with him and see how it goes.


From the first lesson with Ian, he made me feel as though I can pass with a manual. Ian was never late to any of his lesson , and didn’t waste any time and was very straight into teaching each lesson. At the end of every lesson we had a reflection log, to go back on, which was very helpful.


Each lesson Ian made me confident and comfortable to gain the skills that I needed to be a safe driver, and he always told me to believe a lot in myself, as he did, and because of Ian and his high level of teaching, I have gone and passed my driving test, 1st time.

Pupil Review Caitlin Grealish

Caitlin Grealish - Passed Her Driving Test 1st Time In Bolton In April 2023


Learning to drive with Ian has been a such comfortable and enjoyable experience. I just passed first time and I can’t thank Ian enough!!


He has been so patient and always settled my doubts when I was lacking confidence. I now feel confident and that’s all thanks to Ian!! Ian was always on time and very consistent with lessons.

I really recommend Ian to anyone who’s wanting to pass their test with full confidence!


My examiner even said he could tell I had been taught well and I applied Ian's teaching really well and was a safe confident driver.


Thanks again Ian 😁😁😁

Pupil Review Megan Prince
Pupil Review Natasha Weaver
Pupil Review Jude Stevenson

Megan Prince - Passed Her Driving Test 1st Time In Bolton In March 2023

I really enjoyed my lessons with Ian because he always explained things so well and I felt I  understood what I needed to do and he was ok with me asking for extra help if I wasn't sure of anything, even if I asked loads of times. Ian was never late for lessons in fact he was usually early and he never let me down and I always got plenty of time driving.

Ian uses a reflective log at the end of a lesson which I found useful to check my progress and at the end of every lesson we set a goal for me to reach for the next lesson.


Ian always believed in me, built up my confidence and assured me I was going to pass, which I'm delighted to say that I did pass my test first time and I am very happy to recommend Ian to anyone wishing to learn to drive in Bolton. 


Thank you Ian.

Natasha Weaver - Passed Her Driving Test 1st Time In Bolton February 2023


I would definitely recommend Ian to anyone looking for a driving instructor in Bolton.


I really enjoyed my lessons and everything was explained clearly. I always felt comfortable to double check things with Ian if i was unsure. Ian was always consistent with lessons and was always punctual and accommodating to changing schedule. He also used a reflective log which I found really useful so you are aware of your lesson plan.


He was also patient when I was nervous even on the morning of my test he was reassuring and helped me calm my nerves and believed in me. I passed my test 1st time with only 2 driver faults. I am absolutely delighted!


Thank you Ian

Jude Stevenson - Passed His Driving Test 1st Time In Bolton January 2023


I'm very grateful to Ian for getting me up to speed with my driving… Had lessons previously with another instructor but just needed polishing up… To get me to test standard…


Ian manged to fit me in with his other pupils… The lessons were very good… And having 2hrs lessons made it better for me to gain more experience…


Ian made everything simple and easy to remember to put into practice…


Was always on time if not 5 minutes early… Was always clear on contacting me on our due lessons…


Would definitely recommend for those that want to pass.

Which I did first time ;).

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