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 Motorway Driving Lessons! 

Experienced learner drivers are now allowed to drive on British Motorways. This new opportunity came into Law on the 4th June 2018.


However a learner driver must be accompanied by a "fully qualified driving instructor" in a  car fitted with dual controls.


Driving instructors will teach the rules for driving on both standard and "Smart Motorways".

If you are already a qualified driver, but have little experience of motorway driving or get nervous at the prospect of having to drive on a Motorway. Why not consider a Motorway driving lesson!

Motorway Driving – What skills are needed - what will you learn?


The following :-


  • Effective observation.

  • Good anticipation.

  • Effective use of mirrors.

  • Following distances.

  • Reading the road ahead, limit points.

  • Safe overtaking and lane changing.

  • Courtesy for other road users.

  • Continual assessment of other vehicles.

  • Joining from slip roads, judging speed & position of vehicles.

These topics will be covered during your motorway driving lesson?

The following :-

  • Lane discipline.

  • Safe overtaking.

  • How to avoid fatigue.

  • Ensuring good ventilation & visibility.

  • Reacting to signs, and road markings.

  • Understanding marker posts.

  • Locating & using emergency phones.

  • Awareness and planning.

  • Judgement of faster moving traffic.

  • Vehicle lighting requirements.

  • Pre journey checks.

  • Journey planning.

  • Use of Service Areas.

  • Acceleration and deceleration lanes.

  • Using Smart Motorways

Smart Motorways Overhead Speed limit signs
  • Crawler Lanes

  • Queueing & slow-moving traffic.

  • HGV & LGV vehicles.

  • Side winds and turbulence.

  • Adverse weather conditions.

  • Accident & breakdown procedure.

  • Safe use of the hard shoulder.

  • Contra-flow road works.

  • Emergency Vehicles.

  • Highways Agency Officers.

Follow the link for information related to driving on Smart motorways