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Driving Instructor
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 Motorway Driving Lessons! 

Are you are a qualified driver, with little experience of motorway driving, or perhaps a newly qualified driver?

Does the thought of having to drive on a Motorway fill you with apprehension. If that's the case taking a Motorway driving lesson may be just what you need to help calm your nerves, and help you to fully understand what's required so as to take some of the stress out of motorway driving.

Experienced learner drivers are also now allowed by law to drive on British Motorways. 


But they must be accompanied by a "fully qualified driving instructor" in a  car fitted with dual controls.


A good driving instructor will not only teach you the rules for driving on both standard and "Smart Motorways" they will assist you to build your confidence so as to help you to drive safely on these faster roads wether you are newly qualified or have been driving for some time.

Smart Motorway

Motorway Driving – What skills are needed - what will you learn?


The following :-


  • Effective observation.

  • Good anticipation.

  • Effective use of mirrors.

  • Following distances.

  • Reading the road ahead, limit points.

  • Safe overtaking and lane changing.

  • Courtesy for other road users.

  • Continual assessment of other vehicles.

  • Joining from slip roads, judging speed & position of vehicles.

These topics will be covered during your motorway driving lesson?

The following :-

  • Lane discipline.

  • Safe overtaking.

  • How to avoid fatigue.

  • Ensuring good ventilation & visibility.

  • Reacting to signs, and road markings.

  • Understanding marker posts.

  • Locating & using emergency phones.

  • Awareness and planning.

  • Judgement of faster moving traffic.

  • Vehicle lighting requirements.

  • Pre journey checks.

  • Journey planning.

  • Use of Service Areas.

  • Acceleration and deceleration lanes.

  • Using Smart Motorways

Smart Motorways
Motorway Sign
  • Crawler Lanes

  • Queueing & slow-moving traffic.

  • HGV & LGV vehicles.

  • Side winds and turbulence.

  • Adverse weather conditions.

  • Accident & breakdown procedure.

  • Safe use of the hard shoulder.

  • Contra-flow road works.

  • Emergency Vehicles.

  • Highways Agency Officers.

Follow the link for information related to driving on Smart motorways

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