Safety Precautions 

For Driving Lessons!


Please carefully read all of the information below detailing the precautions and requirements that will need to be adhered to by both instructors and students.

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What your instructor will be doing?

Firstly I will ensure that I only teach when I am fully well, and exhibiting no signs or symptoms of COVID 19 and have not been in contact with anyone who has displayed symptoms during the previous 14 days. I will ensure that my car has been thoroughly disinfected, before each lesson, to ensure that it’s as safe as it’s possible to make it. Additionally I have prepared a risk assessment statement which you can read by following the link.

All the crucial surfaces inside and outside the car will have been cleaned with an anti-bacterial and virucidal cleaner prior to your lesson. These include the internal and the external door handles, windows and mirror controls, seat covers, seatbelt and seat controls, gear lever, handbrake, steering wheel, indicator and wiper stalks, and keys.

On the day of your lesson, I will call or text you. You should confirm to me that neither you nor anyone in your household has had any symptoms of COVID 19 within the last 7 days and that neither you nor anyone in your household has had contact with anyone who has had symptoms of COVID 19, within the last 14 days.

If you have exhibited any symptoms or been in contact with anyone with symptoms, then your lesson cannot go ahead, even if you feel fine as you could be Asymptomatic and not currently showing symptoms.

If you have to cancel a driving lesson due to a suspicion that you have COVID 19 symptoms, you will not be able to book another lesson for a minimum of 14 days.

What will you need to do prior to your driving lesson?

If the lesson can go ahead, you should look out for me arriving at your address. I will however text when I arrive, so that you can come out to the car, rather than me coming to your door. Before you get into the car, you will need to confirm that you have thoroughly washed your hands (for at least 20 seconds) just before leaving your home.


Your temperature will also be taken electronically to ensure you do not have a fever at the start of your lesson!

All students should wear clothing that covers as much of the body as possible, including arms and legs.

You should also bring your own hand sanitiser, tissues if required, and a towel to sit on during your driving lessons to avoid possible seat contamination.

As much as is practically possible, we will not face each other directly when we need to discuss something, as remaining face forward, is the safest option when a 2-meter gap between us cannot be maintained. Face coverings are not mandatory by law, but you should choose to wear one as you will be required to do so on your driving test. You must provide your own and be able to dispose of it safely at the end of your lesson. You can also wear gloves if you wish or bring your own hand sanitizer. Throughout the lesson, I will be regularly using hand and surface sanitiser as required.

We will not shake hands either before, or after a lesson, and once you’re back home, you should wash your hands thoroughly as soon as it's possible. You may also wish to wash the clothes that you were wearing during the lesson. 

Training Aids and Demonstration Drives During Lessons?

To reduce contamination risk during lessons, only I will hold any visual aids or training resources, instead of passing them between us. If I need to give you a demonstration drive, the car controls will need to be disinfected before I drive, and then disinfected once again when you get back into the driving seat. At the conclusion of the lesson, I will type your reflective comments for your personal log. After you leave the car will be disinfected once again.