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Safety Precautions 

For Driving Lessons!


Covid 19 & Bolton Driving Lessons
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By booking and attending your driving lesson you are confirming that neither you nor anyone in your household has had any symptoms of COVID 19 within the last 7 days and that neither you nor anyone in your household has had contact with anyone who has had symptoms of COVID 19, within the last 7 days.

If you have exhibited symptoms or been in contact with anyone with symptoms, please inform me a.s.a.p even if you feel fine, as you could be asymptomatic and not currently showing symptoms.

If you have to cancel a driving lesson due to a suspicion that you have COVID 19, you will not be able to book another lesson for a minimum of 7 days.


Driving Lesson Safety - Instructor Precautions.

To keep lessons as safe as possible, I will only teach you when I am fully well, and exhibiting no signs or symptoms of COVID 19 and have not been in contact with anyone who has displayed symptoms during the previous 7 days. I will ensure that my car is thoroughly disinfected, before each lesson, to ensure that it’s as safe as it’s possible to make it. All the crucial surfaces inside the car will have been cleaned with an anti-bacterial and virucidal cleaner prior to each lesson.

Cleaning will include all the internal and the external door handles, windows and mirror controls, seat covers, seatbelt and seat controls, gear lever, handbrake, steering wheel, indicator and wiper stalks, and keys. Additionally wind and rain deflectors have now been fitted to my car to allow the windows to remain open even in inclement weather to allow a constant air flow through the car. 

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Driving Lesson Safety - Pupil Precautions.

If your lesson can go ahead, you should look out for me arriving at your address. I will however text when I arrive, so that you can come out to the car, rather than me coming to your door. Before you get into the car, you will be asked to use an anti viral hand cleanser.


Your temperature will also be taken electronically to ensure you do not have a fever at the start of your lesson! If you are found to have a temperature, your lesson cannot go ahead.

As of 1st March 2022 face coverings are not mandatory by law, and you will not be required to wear one on your lessons or on your driving test, though it may still be advisable to do so. You must provide your own face mask. You can also wear gloves if you wish and bring your own hand sanitiser

For safety's sake, we will not shake hands either before, or after a lesson, and once you’re back home, you should wash your hands thoroughly as soon as it's possible. You may also wish to wash the clothes that you were wearing during the lesson. 

Training Aids and Demonstration Drives During Lessons?

To reduce contamination risk during lessons, only I will hold any visual aids or training resources, instead of passing them between us as would be usual. If I need to give you a demonstration drive, the car controls will need to be sanitised before I drive, and then sanitised once again before you get back into the driving seat. At the conclusion of the lesson, I will type your comments into your personal reflective log for your records