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My Driving School Provides - Manual Only - Driving Lessons in Bolton

I also offer Refresher Lessons, Parking, Confidence Building & Eco-Safe Driving Lessons along with Motorway Tuition and Advanced Driver Training!

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Driving Lessons Bolton 3 Best Rated

Driving Lessons In Bolton From A Highly Qualified Independent Driving Instructor.

Road Light Driver Training Certificate of Excellence award "Three Best Rated" Driving School in Bolton for the last 6 years. Manual driving lessons, for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Since its foundation Road Light Driver Training, has assisted many drivers to refresh their driving skills, build confidence in their own abilities, pass driving tests and become better, safer drivers.


Choosing quality driving lessons in Bolton will ensure that you progress quickly and develop all the skills needed to become a confident and safer driver, for all of your driving life.

So if you, a family member or a friend are thinking about booking some driving lessons in Bolton, I hope that the information here will help with your decision.

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Driving lessons Bolton 3 Best rated Certicicate of Excellence

There are many independent driving instructors in Bolton and quite a number of multi car driving schools operate here. So what should you think about, before booking driving lessons in Bolton?

Should finding the cheapest driving lessons in Bolton be your priority?

Think about this first, if you were going to purchase a mobile phone or a Hi-fi system, or maybe even a car, would you only look for the cheapest ones available? I don't think so! I'm confident that you would more likely weigh up many other factors. I'm sure you would think carefully about the manufacturer, the build quality, product reliability, design and features etc. Most likely you would also read some product reviews? Apply the same thoughts to choosing a driving instructor. Choosing a driving instructor or driving lessons in Bolton, based only on finding the cheapest driving school, really isn't the right way to go about things.

Finding a driving instructor offering "cheap driving lessons in Bolton" might seem quite attractive!

But will those "cheap driving lessons" prove to be real value for your money?

Choosing quality driving lessons in Bolton from a highly qualified and skilled driving instructor will help you reach driving test standards far quicker, and mean that you will spend less money in the long run, learning to drive.

If you really want to enjoy your driving lessons, it's very important to find the driving instructor in Bolton that's just right for YOU, and for the way YOU learn.

A Bolton Driving Lesson Review - From Former Student Natalie Flinn 

"When I turned 17, I wasn’t someone who was particularly excited to start learning to drive; for me, it was more a skill of convenience, rather than of pleasure. However, having lessons with Ian completely changed my outlook on driving, and I very much enjoy it now. I would strongly recommend Ian to anyone looking to learn to drive in Bolton."

Bolton driving lessons pupil Natalie Flinn

"He is patient, explains things with clarity and is always early to lessons. One feature of my driving lessons I particularly liked, was the learning log at the end of each drive. This enabled me to learn faster and more effectively because I had clear goals to work on, as well as praising feedback from my prior lesson, which I could read over and refresh myself with before the next lesson.


The evaluation of each lesson afterwards was very useful and Ian was particularly good with certain phrasing and little tricks to remember what to work on. During my actual lessons, I always felt confident and comfortable enough to ask questions, as Ian was not only very understanding and always listened to what I had to say, but also used various models which allowed me to visualise things easier. I wanted to pass my test fairly quickly (and first time), and Ian allowed me to do this, alongside teaching me to be a safe and smart driver. I couldn’t thank him enough and would advocate Ian and his teaching to anyone looking for driving lessons in Bolton."

Please take some time to read some of my Pupil Reviews to find out what former pupils have said about the quality of my teaching. 

Bolton Driving Lessons Pupil Lana
Bolton driving lessons Pupil Andrè
Bolton Driving Lessons Pupil Ysabella Hornby

Reading reviews that have been left for a driving instructor will really help you make a wise choice!

If reviews are not available, think why not? Ensure that you talk personally to the driving instructor that will be teaching you. Do they seem friendly? Do they make you feel comfortable? Are you going to enjoy driving lessons with them? Ask about their experience along with their driving and teaching qualifications! Driving instructors are definitely not all the same!

Choose a reputable driving school & ensure you're getting the driving instructor with the excellent reviews.

Are you are nervous about learning to drive? Click for more information on choosing a driving instructor. 

Right from the start of your driving lessons, you need to have the correct training, and be taught well. It's my priority to ensure that you enjoy every one of your driving lessons and learn to become a safe and confident driver, who is more than capable of passing the driving test at the first attempt.

So don't rush in, take the time to choose the instructor that's best placed to assist you!

9 out of 10 .... Learner drivers who passed their driving test at their first attempt were taught by an professional driving instructor.

Learn to drive with Bolton Driving Lessons
Learn to drive with Bolton Driving Lessons
Learn to drive with Bolton Driving Lessons
Learn to drive with Bolton Driving Lessons
Learn to drive with Bolton Driving Lessons
Learn to drive with Bolton Driving Lessons
Learn to drive with Bolton Driving Lessons
Learn to drive with Bolton Driving Lessons
Learn to drive with Bolton Driving Lessons
Will you Learn to drive with Bolton Driving Lessons

It is challenging trying to decide which driving instructor you should choose from all of those advertising driving lessons in Bolton.

So take some time and do a little research. Check out the qualifications of the instructor you're thinking of calling. Read pupil reviews. Driving Instructors all do the same job, but we are all very different in personality and we all have different qualifications and teaching styles.

As a highly qualified independent driving instructor, (Grade A) I work for myself, and it's me that will be teaching you to drive.


Find out about my qualifications by viewing the About Me Section. My reputation and the quality of the teaching I offer is important to me, as it ensures that I have work all year round.

You will receive full support during all of your driving lessons with me & benefit from quality driving instruction every step of the way.

I want you to really enjoy your whole learning experience. Your driving lessons in Bolton will all take place in the local area, close to where you will take your driving test, which helps you become familiar with roads you will use regularly.

Driving lessons in Bolton from an I.A.M. qualified Bolton driving instructor
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Driving Lessons Bolton Road Light Driver Training

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...... is YOUR route to Driving Test Success!

We all make mistakes when we learn a new skill. Learning to drive is no different. 

But in order to make good progress during your driving lessons, you need to know exactly what the mistakes were, and the reasons you made them, and then you need to know how to correct them before they become habitual. This ensures that you will make good progress each and every lesson. 


Don't expect to get everything right at first. It takes time. Mistakes are just part of learning.
During your driving lessons, you need to feel that you can make mistakes without being made to feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed. Your driving instructor knows that you will make mistakes. But how they deal with them will be very important to you if you are to make good progress during your own driving lessons.

Learning to drive should be an enjoyable experience.

However ending up with the wrong driving instructor, or one that isn't particularly good at explaining things in the way that you need them explaining, will hinder your progress and prolong your lessons.

My suggestion is not to book a complete course of driving lessons to start with.

Your money may not be refundable if you decide that your instructor and you don't work together very well. Try having just one driving lesson with the instructor you choose, to ensure you'll be happy to continue having lessons with them.


When you have your first driving lesson, take careful note of how it felt for you! 

Did the driving instructor put you at ease, make you feel confident? Did they encourage you to ask questions, even two or three times if necessary? Did you feel that you really learned something? Did you enjoy it?

Did the driving instructor give you clear objectives at the start of the lesson?  

Was the lessons good value for money? Are you happy to continue? Such questions allow you to evaluate the lesson & the driving instructor & will assist you to make a more informed decision.

Choose your driving instructor carefully, take some time to think things through!

If you feel comfortable with your instructor you will progress quickly, and you'll enjoy the learning process. So if you're considering having your driving lessons in Bolton, call me, I'm more than happy to have a chat and answer any questions you might have, before you make your final decision.

Some of the larger driving schools post many pupil lessons reviews!

But they don't always say which instructor got those positive reviews. Will you be learning to drive with the instructor that merits those reviews, or just the one who currently has space in his/her diary?


More about the driving test for provisional licence holders, and the theory & practical driving test.

Learning to drive on Motorways is now lawful for learner drivers when they are accompanied by a fully qualified driving instructor. More information about taking Motorway Driving Lessons in Bolton.

Driving Lessons Bolton Road Light Driver Training.

...because driving lessons in Bolton are not all the same!

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