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YOUR route to Driving Test Success!

Manual Driving Lessons in Bolton for Learners

and Qualified Drivers.

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Confidence Building, Refresher, Parking, EcoSafe, Motorway & Advanced Driving Lessons.

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2024 Certificate of Excellence "Three Best Rated" Driving School in Bolton 2024
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Since 2010, Road Light Driver Training, has been assisting people to either pass the UK driving test or to refresh their driving skills and help them build their confidence to become better, safer drivers.

So if you, a family member or a friend, are thinking about booking driving lessons in Bolton, I hope that the information provided on this site, will assist you with your decision. 

A highly qualified driving instructor will ensure faster progress towards the required driving test standard and will help you build of all the skills needed to become a safer and more confident driver.

Did you know? 9 out of 1.... Learner drivers who passed their driving test at their first attempt were taught by a professional driving instructor.

There are many independant driving instructors in Bolton and quite a number of multi car driving schools operate here. So what should you think about, before booking your own driving lessons in Bolton?

Should finding the cheapest driving lessons in Bolton be your priority? If you were going to purchase a mobile phone or a new TV, or maybe even a car, would you make your decision based only on finding the cheapest one available? I'm sure you would more likely choose a manufacturer known for its, quality, reliability, & design. Probably you'd also read through some of the reviews left by others about that manufacturer and its products.

Reading reviews that have been left for a driving instructor will help you with your choice!

You should also ensure that you can talk personally to the driving instructor that will teach you, rather than just the person who answers the phone.  After a chat, ask yourself if the instructor made you feel comfortable? Did you feel that they listened to your needs? Did you get the impression that you will enjoy having driving lessons with them?

It's important to find the driving instructor that's just right for YOU, and for the way YOU learn. 

Quality driving lessons from a highly qualified and skilled driving instructor will help you reach the driving test standard quickly, meaning that you'll spend less money in the long run, and enjoy learning to drive.

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Driving Instructor

Tel : 07939 089903

...because driving lessons in Bolton are not all the same!

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More about the driving test for provisional licence holders, and the theory & practical driving test.

Learning to drive on Motorways is now lawful for learner drivers when they are accompanied by a fully qualified driving instructor. More information about taking Motorway Driving Lessons in Bolton.

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